Education Workflow Automation

Etrieve Flow, our fully interactive, user-friendly workflow designer, allows institutions to automate both basic and complex business processes. The intuitive design allows your school to create pathways as simple or multifaceted as your specific processes dictate, reducing current education workflow bottlenecks, increasing visibility and standardizing disparate business operations.



Integrate documents, electronic forms and ERP data into higher education or K-12 workflow routing and decisions to connect all aspects of your electronic world.

Detailed Workflow History


Achieve maximum accountability with a detailed history of all your data. From creation and revisions to ultimate storage, you'll have a clear picture of the path your data took.

Customizable Notifications


Customize your notifications to tell you exactly what you need to know, when you need to know it. Our flexible, complex workflows allow you to stay informed at every step of your repeat business processes.

Graphical Workflow Designer


Intuitive UI makes the process of building and maintaining workflows simple - no complex configuration or coding required.

An all-inclusive workflow solution, simplified.

Business processes can involve data and users from a variety of systems at schools. Leverage Etrieve Flow's vendor management software to blend content and forms with existing ERP data to save even more time and resources. Automatically push completed electronic forms through a pre-determined workflow to a reviewer. Once approved, e-forms can file directly to the correct student, vendor or employee folder in Etrieve Content and pass data back to your ERP, eliminating the need to manually re-key submitted information.

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    Improve process efficiencies with flexible, complex workflow capabilities.

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    Integrate Content, Forms and ERP data to automatically route your data where it needs to go.

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    Increase workflow visibility so you always know what went where (and who sent it).

See how Etrieve Flow automates and manages school business processes easily.

Graphical, integrated, automated.

Build workflows of any type with Etrieve Flow's simple drag and drop workflow designer. With no complex configuration or coding required, you can deploy conditional and dynamic workflows at your institution that are easy for everyone to understand. And with real-time reporting and intelligent navigation features, this graphical designer increases workflow visibility.

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Our innovative software solutions redefine business processes in the educational marketplace by improving student service and employee productivity through providing complete control over how content is captured, processed and distributed.

  • Etrieve Forms

    Etrieve Forms is our next generation, browser-based electronic forms solution. Paired with Etrieve Flow, our intuitive workflow engine, users can easily complete forms on the web for routing through rules-based workflows.

  • Etrieve Flow

    Fully browser-based, Etrieve Flow is built from the ground up to manage complex, process-based workflows to connect all aspects of your electronic world.