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It is common to find higher education departments using applications that don’t communicate across other departments' applications. These communication difficulties often lead to information silos and inefficiencies that increase the time it takes to process or distribute needed information, resulting in a diminished student experience. Etrieve by Softdocs has the ability to integrate with ERP, SIS, CRM systems and other third-party applications. We have helped hundreds of educational institutions seamlessly integrate our platform to build a more connected campus and drive student success. For more information on how we can help, contact us for a free demo.

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Who is Softdocs?

Softdocs is the only higher education-focused provider of process automation and content management technology to enable institutions to modernize campus operations and easily do more with less.

We have helped hundreds of educational institutions seamlessly integrate our platform with their SIS and other core systems across campus, providing secure and compliant forms, workflows, electronic signatures, and content storage to build a connected campus and drive student success.

The team at Softdocs is dedicated to helping schools work smarter, not harder, giving their students the best chance at success. At the end of the day, our goal is to help our customers redefine business processes, reduce the need for paper and improve student service and employee productivity through our robust set of solutions for enterprise content management, electronic forms, and workflow automation.

We've come a long way since launching our first print management device in 1998. As our customers' needs have grown, so have we. That need is what's driven us to create a scalable, innovative, responsive software platform that helps eliminate paper-based manual processes in over 700 higher education institutions and K-12 districts.

Seamless Integration


Supporting comprehensive, digital records, Softdocs’ ECM solutions complement your ERP and other key systems within your technology stack.

Proven Cloud


Leveraging Microsoft Azure, 90% of Softdocs customers deploy ECM within Softdocs’ cloud environment for auto-scaling and Softdocs-managed maintenance.

True Partner


From client development partners to the Softdocs Community, customer engagement is a top priority. Together, we ensure product roadmaps are a smart, strategic fit for all.

Enterprise Deployment


Combining e-forms, workflow automation, and content management, Softdocs’ Etrieve solution provides secure, uniform access to content - from HR to FA.

Customer Story 

Automatically prepopulating forms with Ellucian Colleague data allows Colorado Christian University to minimize keying errors, reduce staff resource time and streamline their entire HR benefits process.

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