Enterprise Content Management Systems

Softdocs' Etrieve platform combines document management, electronic forms and workflow automation functionality into an easily scalable, seamless enterprise content management experience. Architected for the cloud, Etrieve offers Education ECM systems for every user – whether on campus or online.

Digitize, Automate and Secure

Discover the enterprise-wide impact Etrieve will make for your institution, from academic departments to administrative offices.

Enterprise-Level Efficiency Begins Here

IMPLEMENTING THE ETRIEVE PLATFORM — Whether from paper-based processes or a legacy ECM system, migrating to the Etrieve platform enhances the core systems of your campus technology stack.

LEVERAGING ETRIEVE FOR CONTENT MANAGEMENT — Take the next step towards completely digitizing every record on campus, or within a few departments to start. You’ll quickly realize how impactful this is!

LEVERAGING ETRIEVE FOR ELECTRONIC FORMS & WORKFLOW AUTOMATION — Enhance the benefit of your current enterprise content management solution by deploying Etrieve as a complementary toolkit for e-forms and workflow automation.


Supporting the creation of comprehensive digital records, Etrieve extends secure, anytime document access to your students and staff.


Optimizing the experience of remote employees and distance learners, Etrieve streamlines and simplifies data collection processes.


Increasing process visibility, Etrieve increases data consistency across disparate systems—standardizing how content is managed.

A Right-Fit Solution for Education

Browser-Based, Responsive Design


Users complete every action, including scanning and system administration within a single browser window-on any device-without the need for locally installed software.

Deployed in the Cloud


Leveraging Microsoft Azure for deployment and hosting, Etrieve provides significant improvements in security, disaster recovery and compliance that is available when leveraging on premise higher education or K12 ECM systems.

Enterprise Level Access


Whether your institution pursues an enterprise implementation from the start or a phased approach over time, the Softdocs licensing model means easily scalable, affordable ECM system expansion is never out of reach.

Integrations with ERP/SIS/CRM


Multiple integration points and an extensive API framework allow Etrieve to seamlessly integrate with your deployed ERP, SIS and CRM, in addition to other trusted campus systems. Etrieve can deliver value for your school district by improving efficiency and scalability across departments and increasing student and family engagement.

Etrieve is Intuitive

Place the right forms in the right hands, effortlessly. Etrieve provides users with an easy-to-understand interface that delivers electronic forms, content management and workflow automation functionality to a single browser window on the device of their choice. Browser-based and responsive, Etrieve delivers a consistent experience across devices and browsers for users to enjoy.

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    Easily organize and file documents with a visual filing structure

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    Annotate, redact, rotate and clean images without third-party tools

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    Leverage Etrieve’s graphical workflow designer to build and manage automated workflows

Etrieve Deploys in the Cloud

Cultivate a consistent, campuswide response to disruption, by seamlessly implementing process improvements as needed, without delay. Deployed in the cloud, your deployment of Etrieve can quickly and affordably scale to match the rapidly changing needs of the modern student and today’s digital campus.

Etrieve is Designed to Grow

Recognizing the impact and value of ECM when implemented enterprise-wide, Softdocs encourages institutions to pursue implementing Etrieve across multiple departments to maximize their ROI. With no caps or per-transaction costs on form submissions, electronic signatures, e-forms or workflows, Etrieve scales with the needs of your institution.

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    Browser-based, with no need for locally installed software

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    Unlimited use of electronic forms and workflows

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    No per-transaction or per-submission fees

Etrieve Serves All of Campus

FILING AUTOMATION — Batch scan and automatically index documents into Etrieve, leveraging data displayed on an active ERP session screen

FORMS INTEGRATION — Power mobile-friendly electronic forms that are capable of prepopulating key fields with ERP data and pass collected data back to the ERP

INDEX FIELD INTEGRATION — Keep ERP and ECM data in sync with integration that creates the initial Etrieve records and keeps them current by receiving people events in real time

INTEGRATED SEARCH — Leverage data displayed on an active ERP session screen to locate Etrieve-managed records with just one click

REAL-TIME UPDATES — Automatically update statuses inside the ERP with real-time Etrieve updates on document adds, changes and deletes

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