Etrieve: The True All-in-one ECM Platform

Etrieve by Softdocs is a fully browser-based ECM solution that combines document management, electronic forms, and workflow components into one, scalable platform. Etrieve offers a fully-functional component-based architecture that is flexible to meet the needs of any school district or higher education institution. Available on-premises or as a fully cloud-based deployment, Etrieve truly provides next generation of paperless.

Intuitive UI


Access all components of Etrieve through a single and robust user interface.

Browser-Based & Responsive


Perform all actions, including scanning and system administration, within your browser from a PC, Mac, tablet or phone without local software to install or configure.

ERP Integration


Easily pass data to and from ERP solutions, taking advantage of the investment your institution has previously made in its systems.

Enterprise Level Licensing


Etrieve is designed to grow, with no additional per-user license fees to worry about.

Etrieve: Content, Forms, Flow

Etrieve bundles Softdocs' next-generation document management, electronic forms, and workflow solutions into one, scalable platform.

Document Management


Etrieve Content allows you to manage all your data in a secure, standardized manner.

Etrieve Content is a fully browser-based content management solution that allows your institution to store and organize your data all in one place. With document management from Softdocs, student and employee data is consistent, organized, and easily accessible.

Electronic Forms


Etrieve Forms enables students and staff to complete web-based forms, eliminating the need for paper at its source.

Electronic forms eliminate the need for paper and slow, paper-based processes. Automatically see the status of a form and review, approve, deny or comment quickly and easily.

Workflow Automation


Etrieve Flow, Softdocs' intuitive graphical workflow designer, connects all departments and aspects of your institution.

Etrieve Flow simplifies your workflow by automating repeat business processes. Automatically store and organize documents, quickly route completed documents and forms for authorization, and maintain a detailed history of the path all your data has taken.

On-premises or in the cloud

Etrieve Cloud offers a fully cloud-based deployment option for our enterprise content management, electronic forms and workflow solutions. Leveraging the Microsoft Azure platform, Etrieve Cloud serves as a single paperless platform to meet the needs of students and employees through a robust and intuitive user interface.

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    Fully cloud-based, with implementation, support and maintenance handled by Softdocs.

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    Leveraging 256 bit AES encryption, your data is completely secure.

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    Our mobile-first design lets you access Etrieve regardless of device type or platform.

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