Client Success

Softdocs Client Success

With decades of combined experience within the education sector, our Client Success Team is made up of our fiercest client advocates. Their key duties include strategic planning, gathering & directing feedback, procurement assistance, and most importantly ensuring your success!

Our Mission: Client Success

The Client Success Department has one goal in mind — work to uncover the desired outcomes and appropriate experience for each of our clients and make certain that we deliver them.
Acting as both consultant and advocate for our clients, our CSMs truly know the Softdocs Platform and the full inner workings of each product.

Strategic Planning


A department-by-department discussion of your goals, requirements and processes, as well as best practices, to guide your implementation



A range of options that include a train-the-trainer approach, onsite training, remote training and even sessions at Softdocs, if preferred

Managed Services


Proven methodologies and a personalized approach that ensure minimal downtime and a right-fit deployment for your institution

Continued Success with Softdocs

Your institution or district wasn't made with a cookie cutter. We recognize that every institution and district does the small things just a little differently than any other. Understanding those differences is where the education focus of the Softdocs Client Success team begins to show true value.
 The Softdocs Client Success team is here to offer the best path forward on your journey to process automation and ultimately, student success.

Meet the Softdocs Client Success team!

In this on-demand webinar, Billy Smith, Director of Client Success, discusses the "why" behind the creation of the Client Success team along with their goals and mission.

You'll also meet our CSMs and learn how (and why) they advocate so fiercely for their clients.

Scheduled Solution Reviews

How to Contact Your CSM


Reach out directly to our team. Submit a form using the button below or email

Expanding Your Deployment


See how others are using the Softdocs Platform

Connect with your Peers


Join the Softdocs Community and collaborate with your peers.

Bridge is Back!

The Softdocs User Group Conference, Bridge, brings our clients together to share ideas and learn new tricks while enjoying the community of your peers.

Join us over two days in September (20th & 21st) to expand your knowledge of our platform, whether your role is as an administrator or end user, we will have sessions to generate new ideas to improve your current processes and expand further across your institution.

Want to share your user experience and allow your peers to hear directly the impacts you’ve achieved? Or have a session request? Click the box below to submit!

Join us for Virtual Bridge!