After years of developing proven on-premises enterprise content management solutions for the education marketplace, we are now introducing Etrieve Cloud. Etrieve Cloud offers a fully cloud-based deployment option for our enterprise content management, electronic forms and workflow platform. Leveraging the Microsoft Azure platform, Etrieve Cloud serves as a single paperless platform to meet the needs of students and employees through a robust and intuitive user interface.

Our next generation enterprise content management solution allows you to manage all documentation and related content in a secure, standardized manner to increase efficiencies and access to information across all departments.


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Our electronic forms solution enables students and employees to complete web-based forms with intelligent workflow designs, eliminating the need for paper at its source while decreasing processing time and more.


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Connect all departments and aspects of your institution through our intuitive graphical workflow designer, allowing administrators, finance, IT and HR manage simple to complex processes entirely online.


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Single Paperless Platform

Content management, e-forms and workflow in a single intuitive solution

Fully Cloud-Based

Implementation, support and maintenance handled by Softdocs

Secure and Dependable

Leveraging 256 bit AES encryption, data is secure at rest and in transit


Mobile-First Design

Access content and workflow regardless of device type or platform

Solution Features

Etrieve Cloud offers cloud deployment of Softdocs’ Etrieve platform. Leveraging Microsoft Azure for both deployment and hosting, Softdocs handles all maintenance, support and services.

Database Highly available Azure SQL Database with geo-redundant database storage and automatic backups.

Bandwidth & File Storage Tiered bandwidth and file storage options are available based on needs and requirements of the institution.

Disaster Recovery The cloud resource allocations ensure minimal data loss in the event of a catastrophe.

Compliance Microsoft Azure cloud services provide contractual commitments around the storage, access and transmission of student data to ensure FERPA compliance for Etrieve Cloud.


You can’t go with what you have, you have to re-engineer it to what you want it to be. Just because something worked one way before…maybe with [Softdocs] you can do it a better, different way.


Lynn Reynolds | Registrar | Monmouth University

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