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Rockingham Community College: From Client to Partner

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Softdocs’ status as a long-standing Ellucian partner and unique focus on serving the education space resonated with decision makers at Rockingham Community College, leading the College to quickly view Softdocs as more than an EdTech vendor, but a technology partner with a genuine interest in the continued success of their institution.

From Client-Vendor to Technology Partners

Wentworth, North Carolina

  • Part of the North Carolina Community College System
  • FTE is near 2,000
  • First selected Softdocs as an ECM partner in 2002
  • Began initial deployment with Serve by Softdocs
  • Then implemented Softdocs’ legacy content management and e-forms solutions
  • Later migrated to Etrieve by Softdocs - Etrieve Content, Forms and Flow
  • Signed a Softdocs Managed Services Agreement in 2020

Getting Started

Ellucian Colleague and Selecting Softdocs

In the early 2000’s, having selected Ellucian Colleague as their new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, Rockingham Community College recognized an opportunity to add value to this deployment with the implementation of Softdocs solutions.

“At first we didn’t really know what content management was. We just realized the need for additional functionality as we moved forward with Colleague,” said Cheryl Evans, Technology Specialist at Rockingham Community College. “Then we saw the services that Softdocs provided and thought ‘that’s exactly what we’d like to be able to do here.’”

Softdocs’ status as a long-standing Ellucian partner and unique focus on serving the education space resonated with decision makers at the institution, leading the college to quickly view Softdocs as more than an EdTech vendor, but a technology partner with a genuine interest in the continued success of their institution.

While the amount of resources required to implement a new ERP limited the college’s ability to concurrently rollout the Softdocs’ Enterprise Content Management (ECM) product suite, the decision was made to begin implementing Serve by Softdocs to simplify many laser-printing processes on campus. Before Ellucian Colleague, the Business Office—and other areas on campus—relied on manual processes to create, populate and print checks and statements. “We knew that with the processes which went with Ellucian, we were going to have to have a third-party vendor that would be able to do these printing techniques for us. We had a need to be able to have information captured and then put onto the checks and the things they would be printing from the business office. We felt Softdocs and Serve were simply the right fit.”

Getting Automated

Leveraging Serve for Print Customization

Serve was first rolled out within Administrative Services to be used in the printing of year-end tax forms, payroll and other checks written through Accounts Payable. Unlike other print customization solutions that Rockingham looked into before choosing Softdocs, Serve provided the institution with the ability to create and leverage highly-customized document templates in printing processes. With Serve, an institution can pull ERP data into these customizable templates, format the data exactly how they want to and then route the formatted document for printing and/or digital archival within an electronic content repository, whether Etrieve or a competitive solution.

In 2005, Rockingham extended their deployment of Serve to include a student component, addressing their need for increased flexibility in the printing of registration statements. Leveraging Serve allows faculty to avoid directing students all over campus to pick up a statement, instead simply printing needed statements in the buildings where students register. Rockingham and Softdocs worked together to set up the required printers, formulate how printer names would be used to direct printing to the appropriate buildings and grant printing rights to faculty as needed.

“Our utilization of Serve evolved greatly over a five or six year period, as everything became more paperless on campus. After statements, we started printing transcripts for our curriculum side of the house, and then Continuing Education about a year after that,” said Evans. “Even as our college becomes paperless, Serve continues to be used completely in Administrative Services.”

Rockingham’s need to print payroll checks has been readdressed with employees’ widespread utilization of direct deposit, however Serve still plays an integral role in the other business functions of writing checks and paying bills — as well as in the printing of transcripts.

Going Paperless

Expanding Softdocs ROI with Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Once the college had successfully implemented both Ellucian Colleague and Serve by Softdocs, focus soon shifted to introducing other Softdocs systems on campus—including Softdocs’ legacy electronic forms and content management solutions.

“When we chose Softdocs as a partner, it wasn’t just about Serve,” said Evans. “We also selected Softdocs’ Doc e Scan and Doc e Fill solutions, recognizing the value they’d provide as our college went paperless. You see, we had paper everywhere!”

Within some departments on campus, documents dating back to the college’s founding 63 years ago still resided in filing cabinets and storage. Softdocs’ legacy ECM solutions provided the opportunity to begin digitizing and electronically archiving much of the paper files and documents on campus, as well as begin reducing the rate that paper accumulates around campus, through electronic forms. Resources, once committed to standing up a new ERP, were reallocated to begin building the organizational structure for the college’s content repository within Doc e Scan. Softdocs handled much of the back scanning of decades of files, allowing faculty and staff to focus efforts on incorporating front-end scanning within their day-to-day processes and workflows. Financial Aid was the first office on campus to begin leveraging this approach.

At this time, the college also began replacing paper forms with electronic forms. “We chose to start with forms that impact every area on campus, such as leave reports, leave requests and time sheets because those are things that every employee has to do,” said Evans. “We knew if we could get employee buy-in doing those forms, it would be much easier to implement other forms that don’t serve as wide of an area.”

Going Electronic

Introducing E-Forms and Next Steps with ECM

It didn’t take long for the college to receive the buy-in from employees they were looking for. “When Financial Aid saw what we were doing with student records and how it would benefit their day-to-day, they said ‘now we want our forms’,” said Evans. “It really wasn’t long after we started using electronic forms that every area on campus approached us about needing certain forms digitized.”

For example, Rockingham’s Admissions and Records offices were interested in having forms created to be filled out by faculty for students that came to their areas for help.

“After the employee-facing forms, those were some of the next forms we introduced — forms for students but that would be filled out and submitted by faculty.”

A few examples of these e-forms include:

  • Progress Report for TRIO and Early College
  • Instructor Form for Missed Classes
  • Grade Change Form
  • Proctored Tutoring Request
  • Teleworking Agreement
  • Network Access Form

Going All-in

From Legacy Systems to Etrieve by Softdocs

Etrieve by Softdocs
2017 saw Rockingham migrate from Softdocs’ legacy ECM solutions to Softdocs’ browser-based Etrieve platform. Architected specifically for Education, Etrieve combines content management, electronic forms and workflow automation into an easily scalable, seamless ECM experience for every user—whether on campus or online. Documents residing in Doc e Scan were copied over and filed within Etrieve Content’s customizable filing structure, without impacting any users at the college. Etrieve Forms and Etrieve Flow replaced Doc e Fill, elevating the school’s utilization of electronic forms and workflows with additional capabilities and efficiencies.

“While Doc e was still running great for us, we knew that migrating to Etrieve would put us where we needed to be,” said Evans. “We knew that Etrieve would be a more mobile-ready solution, and we’ve learned that it has many more capabilities than our legacy system did.”

Leveraging Etrieve, Rockingham expanded their use of electronic forms to include student-facing forms that could easily be filled out and submitted online, without requiring students to spend time on campus to do so. All Doc e forms were converted to Etrieve forms, and with Etrieve it’s easier than ever to create new forms at the pace desired by departments and offices across campus.

“A lot of our forms now leverage databases that have been built, pulling data directly into forms and prepopulating fields for our students and staff. We are using drop downs and autopopulating fields to make our forms as user-friendly as possible.”

Adapting Abruptly

New Challenges with Electronic Forms

As the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything across the Education space, Rockingham felt an urgency to expand upon their utilization of electronic forms and rapidly stand up many additional forms to counter new, unexpected challenges. Leveraging funding received through the CARES Act, the college opted to enter into a Managed Services agreement with Softdocs to more fully support remote students with additional e-forms in Financial Aid and Student Records areas.

Together, Rockingham and Softdocs: 

  • Introduced 59 new electronic forms across Student Records, Financial Aid and Human Resources
  • Quickly created a Teleworking Agreement e-form to accurately track remote faculty/staff and required home office equipment
  • Rolled out additional e-forms dashboards to enable staff to efficiently track and maintain received documents and forms
  • Created a Part-Time Contracts e-form to digitally onboard student and part-time employees

“In less than 48 hours from when I called Softdocs about creating a Teleworking Agreement for our HR department we had the form up and running. We even have the ability to run a report and see who all has turned in that agreement.”

Getting the Big Picture

A Comprehensive Look at E-Forms on Campus (Updated Q2 of 2021)

Rockingham Campus Map
Financial Aid

25 Student Forms

Financial Aid Dashboard

Records Office

11 Student Forms

Working on a Records Office Dashboard

Human Resources

Faculty/Staff Performance Evaluation

Part-Time Faculty Performance Evaluation

Approval of Part-Time Employment

Secondary Employment

Credential Evaluation Summary

Teleworking Agreement

Personnel Request

Network Access Form

Reports for Several Forms and Working on a Dashboard

Student Development

Grade Appeal

Academic Grievance

Non-Academic Grievance

Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services Handbook

Accessibility Services Accommodations Form

Accessibility Services Application

Instructional (Curriculum)

Administrative Withdrawal

Missed Class Form

Report of Incomplete Grade

Requisite Waiver Request

Catalog Year Change

Clubs and Organizations

Instructional Resources

Tutoring Recommendation

Tutoring Referrals

Progress Reports


Textbook Requisition

Payroll/Business Office

Leave Report

Leave Request

Time Sheets

Part-Time Contracts

Business Cards

Key Request

Student Accident Report

President’s Office

President’s Discretionary Funds

Creating One College

Moving Forward (Updated Q2 of 2021)

Within the next 12 months, Rockingham’s goals for expanding their deployment of Softdocs solutions include:

  • Continuing the rollout of Etrieve within Continuing Education and the Admissions and Record office 
  • Introducing more front-end scanning within Human Resources and the Business Office
  • Also, building intuitive workflows within these areas “that they don’t know they need right now”
  • Implementing other new workflows across campus
  • Identifying and pursuing new avenues to support the college’s green initiative
  • Leveraging Etrieve in a way to reinforce a One College Concept across campus
    Rockingham Students Walking

“One of the things our college is working on right now is this One College Concept. We want each of our students—whether Curriculum or Continuing Education—to begin, progress and complete their journey with us in very similar ways.

One admissions application and one form to drop a class, whatever that class may be. Etrieve is central in our plans to develop the forms and workflows we need to improve communication across campus and truly provide our students with a one college experience.”