The Softdocs team is built on a foundation of professionals centered on education technology.

Our services group is comprised of business and technical resources who are available to assist our clients with initial implementations and training, as well as ongoing system maintenance and education. Their knowledge and expertise of the education marketplace allows for a better understanding of your business needs and processes, resulting in more successful technology implementations.

Implementation Consulting

We recognize that every implementation is different, and in order for our solutions to provide the most value, they need to be implemented in a manner that best fits the needs of your organization. Our professional services team is comprised of individuals who are fluent in the education marketplace, with a primary focus around improving your daily operations and business processes.

Personalized Attention

Process Analysis and Improvement

Knowledgeable Consultants


As we were implementing, we had teams there from both providers, working with us and with each other to ensure everything worked the way it was supposed to.


Jason Tinsley | Chief Financial Officer | Habersham County


Whether it is on day one of your implementation, or five years down the road, Softdocs offers a variety of training options to ensure that your staff is up to speed on the technology. Recognizing that your time and resources may change, you are able to determine the training approach that works best for your institution whether it is a deeper dive onsite training course, remote refresher training, or a train-the-trainer class for larger implementations.

Focused and Customized to Fit Your Implementation

Flexible Training Options

Online Documentation and Video Tutorial Support


The on-site demo they conducted made us feel very comfortable with the product, like it could be easily implemented and trained on.


Jason Tinsley | Chief Financial Officer | Habersham County

System Migrations

This day in age, educational institutions have content and data throughout various systems. Whether you are ready to do a complete system conversion from a legacy application, or looking to sync data and content between disparate systems, our staff is ready to assist with the conversion process. We will work with your institution to review, scrub and migrate data in a seamless fashion.

Have file structure changes, workflow modifications, or new products you want to deploy? No problem. We treat system migrations like any other implementation, ensuring that your data is not only converted efficiently, but that you are able to reap the full benefits of the Softdocs leading edge functionality.

Personalized Migration Team

Increase Content and Data Consistency

Proven Track Record


People need to realize, the more time you take to set up [Softdocs] in the beginning, the more it will save you in the long run.


Lynn Reynolds | Registrar | Monmouth University

Records Conversion

As much as we would like to think that every institution has eliminated the use of paper, the reality is numerous filing cabinets and older imaging technologies still exist within schools. Our Records Conversion process can help reduce the amount of paper storage, and reduce the challenges older technologies create. From special needs records to personnel files and beyond, digitize and consolidate paper, microfiche, and microfilm, in a standardized easy to access repository.

Reduce Lost Records

Enforce Disaster Recovery Initiatives

Eliminate Outdated Technology Overhead


We had more than 20 fireproof file cabinets [of student records] in our office alone. Now we only have three.


Jamie Ulrich | Director of Financial Services | Dawson County Schools

E-Forms Design

Electronic forms are allowing institutions to cut paper from the front-end. From admissions and financial aid applications in higher education to teacher contracts and AP processing in K-12, these forms can be great resources in helping reduce paper and improve processing times. Although some institutions choose to develop the fillable PDF and HTML forms on their own, our team can assist with the planning and development of these forms from start to finish, or just assist in modifications to existing templates and forms.

Custom Forms Design to Fit Specific Needs

Design Training Available for System Administrators

Pre-Built Form Template Library

Tax Form Processing

Tax form processing and distribution is a tedious and costly task. Our professional services team has years of experience in offering a variety of tax form options from Standard 1098-T processing to 1099 and W-2 handling. Our forms and processes are updated regularly to ensure they meet annual IRS and government compliance regulations. The data is imported in a customizable form template, the forms are printed and pressure sealed, and out the door they go. We handle the dirty work and you never have to lift a finger.

Remain Compliant with Federal Regulations

Forms are Prepped, Processed and Mailed Seamlessly

Secure Online Form Access for Students, Employees and Vendors


I’ve been able to save nearly four hours a week in just processing tax forms


Hollye Beck | Benefits Coordinator | Auburn City Schools

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Our innovative software solutions work to redefine business processes in the educational marketplace by improving student service and employee productivity with complete control over how content is captured, processed and distributed.