Reach a New Level of Operational Efficiency

Eliminate the inefficiencies of paper, automate forms-driven communications, and empower your staff and constituents with greater self-sufficiency and data security.

The Connected Government

State and local government agencies using Softdocs conduct day-to-day government business more efficiently by eliminating the cost and burden of paper forms and documents, accelerating constituent and business processes, and reinforcing data security.

Finance & Procurement

Streamline invoice and PO processing and facilitate productivity using automated workflow queues and electronically route invoices to the appropriate channels for faster approval.

  • Automatically capture data from standardized electronic forms.
  • Use load-balancing routes and collaborative dashboards to keep workload evenly distributed.
  • Enable remote staff to actively manage procurement responses, invoice requests, and more.
  • Answer vendor inquiries with complete details.

Human Resources

Create a secure and accessible repository for incoming resumes, applications, and all hiring-related documents. Manage current employees’ information changes and resolve payroll concerns quickly.

  • Use simple workflows to enable hiring teams to review an applicant file simultaneously.
  • Securely inform all necessary parties about employee hiring and termination actions.
  • Use eForms for employee benefits enrollment, personal information updates and more.
  • Securely store employee records in a cloud-based repository from hire to retire.

Case Management

Keep an accurate, easily accessible record of each client’s history. Capture, organize and archive HUD forms, food assistance applications, and other important documents.

  • Use single sign-on to keep all client information confidential and accessible only to authorized staff.
  • Allow staff to view all supporting documents alongside CRM and ERP data.
  • Automatically identify and classify standardized government forms.
  • Provide electronic forms via a portal or public website, and minimize office and phone traffic.

Permitting & Licensing

Automated workflow queues and routing keep applications moving quickly and allow staff and/or constituents to check the status of a license or permit request easily.

  • Provide simple electronic forms via a portal or public website to minimize office and phone traffic.
  • Capture and link forms and documents on arrival for immediate online viewing by staff.
  • Dramatically reduce the costs of paper and printing.
  • Easily and securely manage document retention schedules.

State, City, and County Government Integrations

Getting Started

Launching your digital transformation

Government agencies that have started their digital transformations are seeing great benefits. It’s time to lean into a changing workforce and uphold constituent and business expectations for a simplified, efficient, digitally oriented organization.

The Result

Secure document management in the cloud

Let Softdocs support you and your team in eliminating the costs and delays tied to paper documents. Our software and services are designed to automate a wide range of high-volume processes and equip your team with greater self-sufficiency and data security.


End the burden of on-prem software with low-code/no-code process automation tools.

Secure by Design

Data is protected using Microsoft Azure, with NIST 800-53 and SOC 2 Type I & II compliance.

Powerful Integrations

Connect seamlessly with your ERP, SIS, CRM, and other core student and business systems.

Easy to Scale

Achieve efficiencies in one department, then easily scale and expand district-wide.

“We were nervous because nobody likes change, and [moving from paper to electronic forms] was a major culture shift. But people were very pleased, and we continue to have so many requests for more forms.”

MontE Christman, Executive Director of Information Technology  



Softdocs is a proud member of eSTART (Electronic Secure Title and Registration Transformation), a group of stakeholders with a shared belief in modernizing title and registration processes. eSTART advocates for modern solutions to replace the paper-based processes that dominate state and local DMV operations.

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