Is it time to modernize your document management system to ensure security, compliance, and sustainability?

Outdated technology that’s clunky to use. Frustrating data holes. Untimely outages. Overwhelmingly disorganized datasets. If any of these problems sound familiar, your organization may have outgrown its current document management and process automation system. What’s worse, those frustrations can quickly turn into real threats—to your data security, compliance, and sustainability efforts.

Your challenges may not end there. Are old servers nearing end-of-life, or maybe your systems no longer have support contracts that allow your processes to stay up-to-date and your data protected?

Exhausted yet?

According to Sophos, nearly 64 percent of higher education institutions reported ransomware attacks last year. A report earlier this year by Emsisoft, noted that nearly double the number of school districts experienced some sort of ransomware attack since 2021. Local and state governments also saw ransomware levels hold steady, proving action needs to be taken.

When document management systems lag, your ability to control access to files and information becomes very difficult.

Security is the second highest priority for university presidents, behind enrollment. That two-thirds of higher institutions have been targeted for ransomware attacks—with an average remediation cost of $1.42 million— is reason enough. But it’s also important to note that these attacks are only increasing. Malware attacks against higher education rose by 26 percent in 2022, according to SonicWall’s 2023 Cyber Threat Report. In today’s world, higher education operates with two currencies: money and data. And one cannot take a backseat to the other.

Now, take a breath. Here is the good news.

To ensure data security and sustainability, more schools are developing a clear strategy that includes trusted, verified technology partners to help preserve data confidentiality, integrity, and availability—and to safeguard personal information against bad actors.

As noted in Educause, “Today’s higher education leaders recognize that they cannot build on existing processes to meet constituents’ expectations and to gain more value from data and technology. They ‘need to unmake in order to remake.’”

Softdocs is here to help you remake and modernize your data-driven processes.

When you partner with Softdocs, you get a secure, compliant, centralized electronic document filing cabinet accessible in the cloud. Once your documents are stored in the cloud, you can rest assured that they’ve passed rigorous third-party testing and are data encrypted.

With Softdocs, you can automate and enhance workflows and approval processes and ensure only those on a “need-to-see” basis can access specific documents and data (ex. only Human Resources will see sensitive human resources folders or individual documents). You can create secure mobile-friendly forms to replace PDFs and access documents on your phone safely on the go.

Our document management system is simple, automated, and backed by a trusted team who will work side-by-side to migrate your data and integrate your current and future systems—stress-free. We offer a lower total cost of ownership and no downtime for upgrades. You upgrade once and never again!

This reduces your IT department’s time, cost, and resources while increasing your security, compliance, and sustainability.