Rabun County Board of Education is making the switch to a user-friendly program that eliminates the clutter electronically.

After dealing with file cabinets stuffed with paper and files, Rabun County Board of Education is making the switch to a user-friendly program that eliminates the clutter electronically.

Rabun County wanted a user–friendly solution that would allow them to run more efficiently by eliminating the need to manually file and retrieve documents. What they found led them to save thousands of dollars and hours of valuable employee time annually.

“Our filing was not what it needed to be,” said Debra J. Jacobs, County Clerk/Chief Financial Officer. “Manually filing not only takes time but there is a much more room for human error. Nothing is more infuriating than not being able to find a file when you need it.”

Rabun County was already utilizing CSI’s (now Harris School Solutions) finance and payroll solution for several years before hearing about Softdocs. After a Softdocs demonstration, they “were sold,” said Jacobs. “[Softdocs’ solutions] integrate perfectly with our finance software.” The county purchased the entire Softdocs ECM Platform, even replacing their previous e-forms solution.

“We originally purchased a program similar to Softdocs’ Electronic Forms solution for employee information, such as payroll check stubs, W-2, etc. That program was not user–friendly.”


Solutions in Action

Rabun County uses, Softdocs’ Print Customization and Delivery solution to electronically capture all outgoing documents, such as checks or purchase orders, and archive them in Softdocs’ Content Management solution. The county is also scanning all inbound documents, such as quotes, invoices and W-9s into the appropriate electronic vendor folders for access within the content management solution. According to Jacobs, information is much easier to access now.

“Once a purchase order is approved it is electronically filed as a pending purchase order. Once the invoice is scanned and the check is printed, all of these items are [electronically] tied together and filed under the appropriate vendor. In addition to this, once payroll is completed all direct deposit notifications and printed payroll check stubs are electronically filed under the appropriate employee’s file,” said Jacobs.

Rabun County’s employees use Softdocs’ Electronic Forms solution to view and update payroll documents. In fact, the county no longer keeps paper files for employees at all.

“Our employees are able to go online and change addresses, complete new W-4s and print out prior payroll check stubs and W-2s without taking up the time of our Human Resource Officer, who normally would have to handle all of this manually.”

The new process for retrieving documents within the content management solution also saves valuable time in the office, especially with Accounts Payable processes. Rabun County used to receive an invoice, manually match it to the paper copy of the purchase order, enter it into the system and print a check. Once the check was printed, it was manually stapled to the purchase order and invoice and then the documents were manually filed together.

“The electronic filing has been wonderful,” Jacobs said. “It is accurate and there when you need it.” Eliminating the need to manually file and retrieve documents has proved to be a key component of an efficient office. Previously, this is what slowed down many business processes.

“We had file cabinets stored all over our office,” said Jacobs. “We had so many that a lot of them had to be stored off site, which was a real headache when you needed to retrieve a file.”

They are now able to free up expensive office space and free up employee time to spend on other tasks.

“I would venture to say that these solutions have saved us the cost of one employee per year. I have been able to re-evaluate job descriptions and delegate more duties to each employee based on the amount of time that has been saved by utilizing these solutions,” said Jacobs.

The time saved is especially helpful with audits. “During the audit process, our auditor is able to log on and look up the invoices, themselves, once again freeing our time,” said Jacobs. Rabun County has been happy with Softdocs’ solutions and customer service.

“It is very seldom that we need to contact [Softdocs’ Support] now, but in the beginning when we were trying to learn how it all works and had a few bugs to work out, their staff was always very helpful and quickly responded each time we had a question or issue.”

“We have been very happy with the solutions that we have implemented,” said Jacobs. “Our intention is to get the entire county on [Softdocs’ solutions].”


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