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  • Marketplace: K-12
  • Location: Auburn, AL
  • Number of Students: 7,000

Auburn City Schools


First implemented in their Finance Department, Auburn City Schools has been a long standing customer of Softdocs. By utilizing Softdocs’ Electronic Document Management solution to store digital copies, Auburn was able to alleviate the tedious searching for paper-based records.

The introduction of Doc e Serve with eDelivery drastically reduced the number of physical checks printed – from 1,000 to an average of only 30 per month. Auburn employees now have access to their pay stubs through Softdocs’ Self Service, along with copies of their tax forms, further increasing the amount of resources saved.


Auburn City Schools has been with Softdocs since 2008. We have just in the last five years begun to fully use the benefits of Softdocs and we love it! We have just moved all of our personnel records to Softdocs. This has been wonderful…we now have the information right at our computer screen. We are in the process of adding Softdocs’ Self Service right now and can’t wait for this to be in place.


Holly Beck | Benefits Coordinator | Auburn City Schools