The future of Ed Tech is in the cloud … and the future is now. With many institutions transitioning to virtual learning and shifting towards a more mobile workforce, the advantages of cloud-based technologies are becoming more apparent than ever – and the need for them more pressing.

This series will present 5 reasons why the cloud is the present, not just the future, for ECM deployments in education.

Reason 1: Enhanced Security

Ransomware is on the rise, and unfortunately it seems there are always institutions in the news that have fallen prey to this, or another, cybersecurity threat. The cloud provides unique advantages in securing confidential information. When properly utilized, cloud solutions supplement a layered approach to cybersecurity by incorporating multifactor authentication, data encryption and allowing response to vulnerabilities in real time. Data is backed up in real time, and with redundancy, providing protection from ransomware attacks and even fires or natural disasters. By isolating key enterprise systems from your local network and providing secure, non-VPN communication services between the ground and cloud, cloud-based technologies protect your data – helping ensure infiltration does not occur. Institutions’ physical security measures are complemented by those of their cloud vendors, with data residing in hosting facilities whose physical security they are responsible for. Softdocs, for example, deploys cloud solutions leveraging Microsoft Azure, so all instances of Etrieve in the cloud are monitored and secured 24/7 by Softdocs and Microsoft.

The cloud helps educational institutions stay out of the news.

Reason 2: Ensured Compliance

Cloud-based software delivers unmatched transparency and consistency on how everything is handled across campus. For example, with cloud-based ECM, institutions are able to standardize how data is collected, processed and distributed, as record-keeping processes become streamlined with a central data repository and detailed audit histories for every document. With key systems in the cloud, institutions scale securely, with sufficient agility to stay current and compliant with new regulations and standards. GDPR, GLBA, FERPA, CCPA, and more. With the cloud, institution-wide compliance becomes easier to ensure than with technology deployed on premises.

Looking for more reasons why the cloud is the strategic choice of institutions today? Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series coming soon! In the meantime, here’s a bit more about Softdocs’ ECM cloud solutions – let us know if you have any questions.