Earlier this year, I began this series’ inaugural post by commenting that “the future of Ed Tech is in the cloud … and the future is now.” While the benefits provided by the cloud have since made (and are still making) a significant impact upon institutions’ responses to recent disruption – we all currently view the future with a perspective much different than we did just a few weeks/months ago.

Across education, new challenges continue to arise – driving institutions to move forward with a wide range of options for students and staff prepared, increased agility within processes and in pursuit of operational transformation. The goal being to insulate the experience being delivered from further disruption – an initiative fully supported by deploying key systems in the cloud.

In my previous post, I presented enhanced security and ensured compliance as our first two reasons why the cloud is the strategic choice of institutions today. Let’s jump right into reasons three and four.

Reason 3: Increased Agility

With education’s new normal continuing to take shape, the needs of today’s digital campus are evolving quickly. The cloud delivers institutions with a deployment option that enables solutions to be implemented more quickly than would be possible with an on-premise implementation. Subscription models provide institutions with significant cost savings, when considering all of the costs associated with on-premise solutions-including resource hours and hardware. The shift towards subscription models has also allowed many providers to put more emphasis on configurations instead of code. As a result, cloud-based solutions can be easily scaled in response to new challenges or demands. Providers monitor the reliability and status of solutions in the cloud, regularly communicating insights on the institution’s environment and data security. Should there be a need to increase or decrease IT requirements, well that can be accomplished without the need to make costly changes to on-premise systems.

Reason 4: Decreased Admin Burden

Cloud solutions allow system administrators and local IT personnel to shift their focus from keeping the lights on to maximizing the impact of the software. Resources don’t have to be allocated to maintain, update or troubleshoot costly servers. Instances are monitored by the cloud solution provider to ensure everything is operating as it should, with all updates and enhancements delivered remotely.

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Looking for more reasons why the cloud is the strategic choice of institutions today? Stay tuned for Part 3 of this series coming soon. In the meantime, here’s a brief introduction to Softdocs’ cloud solutions – let us know if you have any questions!