March 7, 2023 –

In the increasingly competitive world of education, the ability to deliver the best possible experience for students is determined by how individual institutions can set themselves apart from their peers. Colleges and school districts are built on the success of students, working hard to provide safe, comfortable, and convenient learning experiences in all aspects. As a fully digital experience remains prominent in the minds of administration, Softdocs, as a SaaS provider, seeks to support these initiatives and has structured its newest department, Client Success (CS), to align client goals directly to efficiency outcomes.

The key to the formation of the new team was the confidence in the experience and abilities of Billy Smith, our Director of Client Success. Billy has been with Softdocs for over ten years in various roles related to services, including as a Project Coordinator and as a Project Manager. In addition to his experience delivering stellar service to Softdocs clients, Billy has worked in various roles in non-profit organizations and in county governments in South Carolina. Billy is a fierce advocate of our clients internally and is driven by the opportunity to help improve the student experience.

Overseeing a tenured Softdocs team, the Client Success Managers, split across higher education and K-12 districts, have all held multiple roles at the company. By working closely with our clients, the Client Success Managers help each of their organizations define a strategy to build their roadmap on their path to creating a more efficient organization and better meeting the needs of their students and staff.

One of the key benefits that our clients have seen since the formation of a dedicated CS team is that the team provides personalized support and guidance to each client. The needs and challenges of each college or school district can vary widely. Our CS team works closely with each client to understand their unique needs, help them to find the best solutions for their specific situation, and ultimately reduce the workload on faculty, staff, students, and parents or guardians.

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