In our recent Thanksgiving blog, Christie Williams, VP of Employee Success, discussed thankfulness in a virtual world and the gratitude that we felt being able to come together.

And with that gratitude comes the desire to pay it forward, that’s why on this Giving Tuesday, Softdocs participated in Clear the List.

Clear the List is part of Get Your Teach On which specializes in professional development and encouragement for educators and administrators in the form of conferences, workshops, and events.

We selected a Title 1 teacher from our local community in Columbia, SC and cleared their list!

The teacher, Ms. Youngblood, provided a description of her class that spoke to our values. Ms. Youngblood’s entry noted, “Although they are from completely different ethnic and socioeconomical backgrounds, they overflow with love, respect, kindness, and eagerness to learn. These children love to read and do any hands-on activity that includes movement, group work, or experimenting. They truly deserve the world.”

Her class wish list included games, books, and a new classroom rug for her students to sit on.