All Five UMass campuses, including Chan Medical School, to Use Softdocs to Securely Automate Key Processes in the Cloud

Columbia, SC – [July 9, 2024] – Softdocs, the process automation platform for education and government, announced today the University of Massachusetts system has selected the company through a competitive bid process to automate and modernize its document management and automation platform.

The UMass system, comprising UMass Amherst, UMass Boston, UMass Dartmouth, UMass Lowell, and UMass Chan Medical School, will deploy the Softdocs platform to automate processes in Financial Aid, the Business Office, Registrar, Campus Administration, Human Resources, IT, and the President’s Office. The UMass system is replacing legacy applications, including its enterprise content management system, as part of a strategic initiative to modernize its technology stack and improve cybersecurity resilience.

“We are excited about the capabilities of Softdocs and look forward to implementing the platform across the university,” said Shawn Skelly, UMass Associate CIO for Enterprise Application and Digital Experience. “This is a significant milestone for us, as it will bring substantial operational benefits, streamline our processes, and standardize our platform across the entire system. It will also help us reduce infrastructure overhead and enhance our cybersecurity posture.”

The Softdocs platform will deliver a modern, intuitive, and accessible user experience for UMass staff, faculty, and students while also contributing to the university system’s security goals. Through their use of low-code and no-code tools such as eforms, esignatures, workflows, and document management, UMass is modernizing its core technology with the process automation platform used by nearly one thousand organizations.

“Given the UMass system’s reputation for innovation and its focus on cybersecurity, we are excited that they chose to partner with Softdocs,” said Adam Park, Softdocs CEO. “As the third largest employer in the state of Massachusetts, their decision to select Softdocs validates our commitment to meeting the needs of all segments within the public sector, including the largest higher education institutions.”

The University of Massachusetts educates more than 73,000 students and employs 26,000 people, and joins over 60 other organizations that have partnered with Softdocs in the past twelve months.

Softdocs is providing live demonstrations of its process automation technology at upcoming industry conferences including InstructureCon, Anthology Together, and EDUCAUSE.

About Softdocs
Softdocs provides process automation and document management solutions to education and government. Our solutions enable colleges, universities, K-12 school districts, and state and municipal agencies to improve how they serve people, create new efficiencies, and accelerate the future of work. Softdocs solutions are used by nearly one thousand organizations.

About the University of Massachusetts (UMass)
The University of Massachusetts is a world-class public research university system committed to advancing knowledge and transforming lives. UMass is renowned for the quality of its academic programs, the scope and impact of its research, and the strength of its public service mission. The university educates 73,000 students, has more than 630,000 alumni, conducts $826 million in annual research, and is responsible for $8.3 billion in economic impact every year. The university system comprises UMass Amherst, UMass Boston, UMass Dartmouth, UMass Lowell, UMass Chan Medical School, and the UMass School of Law. Learn more about UMass at