A Leading ECM Provider, Softdocs, Announces the Addition of 26 New Client Logos and Continued Expansion of International Footprint, Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic.

Softdocs, the education-focused provider of enterprise content management (ECM), electronic forms and workflow automation solutions, today announced significant expansion of a client base already composed of over 700 educational institutions—spanning higher education and K-12.

For 21 years and counting, Softdocs has proudly served the education space by designing, developing and delivering solutions needed by institutions to simplify business processes and bolster the experience being enjoyed by their students and staff. Over the past five years, the rising adoption rate of cloud solutions in education has positioned the company with increasing strength, even in spite of the ongoing pandemic, as Softdocs’ Etrieve platform leverages Microsoft Azure for deployment and hosting.

During the first half of 2020, and even as educational institutions have continued their response to previously unforeseen challenges related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Softdocs has added the logos of 26 new institutions to its education client base.

These institutions, and many others, have responded to recent disruption by shifting strategic focus to their technology stacks, prioritizing business continuity with an intense focus of getting forms and documents off the shelf and into the cloud. Institutions already leveraging ECM as an electronic repository for documents recognized that enterprise-wide utilization of electronic forms and automated workflows would drastically increase agility of business processes and simplify student and staff transactions, as they transition from on campus to online and back again. While Etrieve is capable of providing institutions with e-forms, workflows and a content repository in the cloud, some of Softdocs’ new 2020 logos include institutions that have implemented Etrieve for e-forms and workflow, with the plan of continuing to use an already-deployed content repository. With Etrieve able to readily integrate with any trusted campus application, these institutions gained the functionality needed to rapidly adapt processes to serve students and staff amidst disruption.

However, Softdocs’ new YTD clients also include institutions that have previously expressed interest in implementing the Etrieve platform for e-forms and workflow, while migrating content management from a previously deployed solution. At many institutions, recent changes have intensified the desire to migrate ECM and move forward with an ECM partner who not only understands key education initiatives, but understands the intricacies of the education space. During H1, Softdocs has welcomed a number of higher education institutions and K-12 districts, and will assist them through successful migrations from Perceptive Content/ImageNow, NolijWeb, Feith Systems, and PaperSave to cloud-based deployments of Etrieve.

With a goal of safeguarding processes and insulating the student/staff experience from further disruption, Softdocs’ new clients have prioritized integrating their deployment of ECM with that of their ERP solutions, including Ellucian Banner, Ellucian Colleague, Ellucian PowerCampus, and Jenzabar.

“While 2020 will be remembered for the challenges created and experienced, we grow encouraged as we consider the diverse institutions implementing our solutions and the various departments, processes, and people that will benefit,” said Robert Satcher, Executive Vice President of Softdocs. “Not only are we excitedly welcoming more Canadian institutions, but we’re noticing a significant uptick in institutions incorporating e-forms and automated workflows into every office across the campus, including Continuing Education operations. As campuses serve a broader aggregation of student needs, Etrieve will be ready to make any process more seamless.”

With educational institutions continuing to stand up new initiatives and explore ways to expand upon their current technology stacks, existing customers have also been a strategic focus for Softdocs all year long. Institutions leveraging Softdocs’ legacy solutions have migrated to the company’s current, cloud-based ECM platform, with Managed Services offerings allowing institutions to quickly implement new e-forms, even without in-house IT personnel having the bandwidth to do so.