Columbia, SC – [Oct. 10, 2023] – Softdocs, the process automation and document management platform for schools, states, and cities, announced today the release of new features and enhancements that are focused on user experience, security, and automation driven by artificial intelligence.

To further improve the Softdocs user experience, the platform now includes quick forms as an extension to the existing forms building suite of tools, enabling people to build and deploy highly usable digital forms in minutes. Designed around adaptability and efficiency, low-code quick forms are used by higher education institutions to replace other form solutions that have fallen short in terms of real time integration with student information systems and overall security.

Quick forms are centralized in the Etrieve platform and are designed to ensure the secure capture, transfer, and retention of data.

To complement quick forms, Softdocs has enhanced its content retention module, allowing users to more effectively store, track, and manage all types of sensitive data. The enhanced retention module gives users full control over what documents and data are kept and deleted and for prescribed time periods at the document level. This capability further supports larger organizations’ regulatory and institutional compliance needs.

As part of Softdocs’ focus on using artificial intelligence to help schools, states, and cities better serve constituents, the company also released a new state-of-the-art firewall with protection enhanced with machine learning. Designed to help users stay ahead of exacting security requirements, the firewall uses real-time ML and AI to analyze threats and adjust rules.

This advanced capability ensures data and documents are secure today and into the future, while also reducing the level of manual effort needed to maintain a secure IT environment.

“Security and usability are constant priorities for what we focus on in our product design and development,” said Adam Park, CEO of Softdocs. “Many of our customers are using Softdocs to intelligently process and act on highly sensitive information inside large and complex organizations. We know that we earn their trust every day when the Softdocs platform automates financial, academic, and employment processes while enabling them to get more done with fewer resources.”

Softdocs recently held its annual user conference, BRIDGE, where product experts showcased dozens of new features to more than 700 organizations. During BRIDGE, Softdocs clients also got to preview several new artificial intelligence capabilities that are being developed into the platform to make work more effortless.

About Softdocs

Softdocs provides process automation and document management solutions to schools, states and cities. Softdocs solutions enable colleges, universities, K-12 school districts, and state and municipal governments to improve how they serve people, create new efficiencies, and enable the future of work. Softdocs solutions are used by nearly one thousand organizations across the U.S.