June 1, 2023 –

At Softdocs, one of our core values is inclusivity, acting as a guiding light that directs our actions and interactions every day. As a leading software provider for schools and universities, we are in a unique position to not only influence but to reflect the rich tapestry of diversity that is inherent in these educational institutions. We believe that embracing our differences makes us stronger, more creative, and more effective in our pursuit to provide the best for our clients.

This June, as we celebrate both Juneteenth and PRIDE month, we are reminded of the importance of our commitment to inclusivity. These observances act as powerful reminders of the struggles for freedom, acceptance, and equality that many have faced – and continue to face. They are, above all, celebrations of progress. Progress towards a world where everyone, regardless of their race, sexual orientation, or background, can feel seen, valued, and included.

Celebrating Juneteenth at Softdocs
Juneteenth is a significant milestone in American history. It commemorates the ending of slavery in the United States, and stands as a reminder that freedom and equality are rights, not privileges. At Softdocs, we honor Juneteenth as a time to learn, reflect, and engage in conversations about racial equality and justice.

We acknowledge Juneteenth with a company-wide day off, encouraging our team to use this time to educate themselves about the history and the ongoing struggles of the Black community. We believe that by taking this time to learn and engage, we strengthen our commitment to inclusivity and cultivate a workplace where every voice is heard and respected.

Pride Month at Softdocs
June is also PRIDE month, a celebration of the LGBTQ+ community, and a time to recognize the ongoing struggle for equality that this community faces. At Softdocs, we use this month as an opportunity to affirm our commitment to fostering a workplace that is inclusive and supportive of all identities.

We show our PRIDE by wearing our PRIDE swag, hosting inclusive events, and creating a safe space for dialogue about LGBTQ+ rights and issues. Additionally, our team members participate in local PRIDE parades and festivities, showing solidarity and support for the community. Our goal is to amplify the voices and experiences of our LGBTQ+ employees, promoting a culture of acceptance and understanding that extends beyond our office walls and into the institutions we serve.

Why Inclusivity Matters
Our commitment to inclusivity is not only essential to our core values but also critical to our success. We serve diverse educational institutions, populated by individuals with an array of experiences, perspectives, and identities. Reflecting this diversity in our team makes us better equipped to understand and address the unique needs of our clients.

Moreover, studies have consistently shown that diverse teams lead to more creativity, innovation, and better decision making. When we actively seek out and include diverse perspectives, we foster a culture of learning and growth that directly benefits our team, our products, and ultimately, our clients.

Inclusivity is more than just a buzzword at Softdocs. It is a commitment, a journey, and a celebration of diversity. By honoring days like Juneteenth and PRIDE month, we reaffirm our pledge to promote a workplace culture where everyone feels welcome and valued. In doing so, we hope to contribute to a more inclusive, understanding, and equitable world, starting with our team and extending to the educational institutions we proudly serve.