• Four Priorities for K-12 Districts: What role does technology play?

    Lanie Hudson

    Lanie Hudson

    June 8, 2023 -

    K-12 districts nationwide are experiencing unprecedented challenges—from tightening budgets to students’ mental health. As administrators and school boards work to find sustainable solutions, what role might education technology play in empowering districts with the tools and information they need...

  • Embracing Diversity: Softdocs’s Commitment to Inclusivity

    Christie Williams

    Christie Williams, VP of Employee Success

    June 1, 2023 –

    At Softdocs, one of our core values is inclusivity, acting as a guiding light that directs our actions and interactions every day. As a leading software provider for schools and universities, we are in a unique position to not only influence but to reflect the rich tapestry of diversity that is...

  • Evaluating Your Tech Stack

    Vince Silvestri

    Vince Silvestri

    May 16, 2023 –

    Are you asking all the right questions?

    One of the most common—and important—questions I am asked by colleges, universities and districts exploring a new software investment is how best to evaluate their current tech stack. Whether a school is considering document management and process automation...

  • Schools gain solution pricing advantages through Softdocs and NCPA/OMNIA Partnership



    April 27, 2023 –

    Softdocs, the only education-focused provider of process automation and document management solutions, is proud to announce a new partnership agreement with NCPA (National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance), now part of OMNIA Partners. This partnership furthers Softdocs’s recognition and support of...

  • G2 Spring Report 2023

    Softdocs News


    April 19, 2023 –

    Softdocs obtained High Performer status in multiple categories by G2, the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace, for its document management, workflow and forms builder solutions. 

    Each category status is determined by responses of verified users for each of the Forms Builder...

  • Better Student Outcomes for Canadian Educational Institutions with Softdocs-OA Partnership



    April 11, 2023 –

    Softdocs, the only education-focused provider of process automation and document management solutions  is proud to announce a new partnership agreement with OA Solutions. This partnership will help expand Softdocs’s reach to educational institutions across Canada, by giving them easier access to...

  • Higher education has a data security and sustainability problem



    March 21, 2023

    Higher education has had to adapt to unforeseen challenges, the pandemic being the most recent and obvious example. Institutions have also had to pivot as the office and the classroom continues to move towards a more remote-accepting landscape, with all the technological and security related...

  • Softdocs Brings Integrated Campus Within Reach with Native Support for OAuth 2.0

    Ben Perez

    Ben Perez

    Educational institutions are eager to provide a seamless user experience for the end users on campus – whether it is the students or the staff. As educational institutions use an ever-increasing number of applications – SISs, ERPs, CRMs –  to serve their users, they find that the biggest challenge is integrating...

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