It’s that time of year again. Love is in the air and I’m more in love now than ever before.

You remember last year when I confessed my love for Etrieve Flow? I cast no doubts about how happy Etrieve Flow made me. Its ability to configure both simple and complex workflows left me speechless.

Now I’m here to tell you there’s another love in my life. I know it’s wrong to be pining over another while I’m still madly in love with Etrieve Flow, just wait until you hear more about Etrieve Integrations.

I know you’re thinking, “What could possibly be so great about Etrieve Integrations that you would cheat on Etrieve Flow?” Well, let me attempt to explain.

  1. Fluid interactions with the database. You want to search for a name and have your results filter as you type? No problem! Etrieve Integrations can query the database as you type. Your query can include ID as well, so your search can span multiple items.
  2. Flexible queries. So you think you’re stuck using a simple select statement? Not in Etrieve Integrations. Supply a join query or call a stored procedure. There’s no limit to what queries can be called in Etrieve Integrations.
  3. Works seamlessly with Etrieve Flow. Use Etrieve Integrations within your workflow in order to have data on your form determine where your next route will go. Say you have a department or location drop-down on your form and you don’t want to have to configure your workflow for every possible selection outcome. You can use a Conditional Actor in Etrieve Flow that will utilize Etrieve Integrations to query a table that will make the determination on where to workflow your form.

So you can clearly see my dilemma – how could you possibly choose only one when you have options like these? Loving both is so wrong, it’s right!