Fueling K-12 Operational Transformation with Proven Cloud Solutions

Disruption is redefining how schools serve their students. For districts and schools still heavily reliant on paper forms and files, the collection of transactions behind student progress is becoming increasingly difficult to manage—making it the right time to finally turn the page on paper. From electronic forms to workflow automation, even document management, Softdocs provides educational institutions with scalable solutions to achieve new efficiencies. That’s true operational transformation.

Continue Your Digital Evolution with Etrieve by Softdocs

Designed and developed specifically for use by the Education space, Softdocs’ Etrieve platform combines content management, electronic forms and workflow automation into a seamless Enterprise Content Management (ECM) experience for every user.

Electronic Forms


Optimizing the experience of staff and students alike, electronic forms simplify and standardize data collection processes districtwide.



Increasing process visibility, workflow automation increases data consistency and accuracy across disparate systems.

Document Management


Supporting the creation of comprehensive digital records, Softdocs solutions extend secure, anytime document access to students and staff.

Print Customization


Creating new efficiencies around laser printing, Softdocs solutions network printing processes and enhance ERP print output.

An Operational Transformation Toolkit for the Modern School District

K-12’s continued pursuit to do more—with less—is driving many districts to take a fresh look at how the needs of students, parents, teachers, staff and vendors are being met. Softdocs presents the right-fit solution to boost efficiency and maximize ROI districtwide.

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