The Connected Campus

Softdocs’ seamless integration with your SIS, ERP, CRM and other core systems lets you finally connect campus departments to one centralized, secure, and accessible source of information. Achieve measurable efficiencies in one department, then quickly scale the benefits to every student and staff touchpoint.


Capture all necessary forms and documents electronically, as well as electronic signatures from students, parents or spouses, for a smoother enrollment experience.

  • Combine incoming student applications and documents into one, secure electronic repository.
  • Simplify how students complete and send applications with mobile-friendly forms.
  • Automate forms processing steps for your staff and create flexible workflows.
  • Expedite student transactions, such as grade changes and drop-adds.

Financial Aid

Easily and quickly process financial aid applications using eForms and eSignatures. Accelerate the awarding of student funds by automating every step from submission to review/approval.

  • Use business rules to route documents to assigned staff members for processing.
  • Quickly and accurately answer student inquiries about award status.
  • Use convenient, compliant digital signatures for parents, students, and internal reviewers.
  • Reduce in-office student visits with online forms and automated notifications.

Student Services

Electronic forms, automated workflow and push notifications keep students informed and up to date with a highly detailed audit trail of their requests and submissions.

  • Give student advisors secure access to specific student information.
  • Maintain complete student records in a secure electronic repository.
  • Answer inquiries quickly and cut long student wait times.
  • Make student requests like meal plan or room assignment changes easy with eForms.

Human Resources

Create a secure digital repository for incoming resumés, applications, and other hiring-related documents. Quickly manage employees’ information changes and resolve payroll concerns by reconciling issued pay checks with data in your HR application.

  • Speed up the hiring process by automating application review workflows.
  • Use eForms to simplify benefits updates or address changes for employees.
  • Capture employee documentation electronically and tie it to your ERP.
  • Remove the need for interoffice paper shuffling with eSignatures.

Business Office

Scan and index invoices and POs upon receipt. Facilitate productivity using automated workflow queues, and electronically route invoices to the right people for faster approval.

  • Reimburse expenses faster to faculty and staff
  • Accelerate invoice approvals with email notifications and digital signatures.
  • Automate AP processes to electronically print and distribute checks.
  • Reinforce records retention efforts.

We integrate with your core campus applications

Getting Started

Modernize and streamline campus operations

Your digital transformation starts with a comprehensive process automation platform. Improve user experience, resolve challenges with ease, and maximize student success on your campus.

The Result

Build a fully connected campus

Empower your institutional excellence by streamlining efficient and collaborative processes, effectively modernizing how your institution serves students and conducts business.


End the burden of on-prem software with low-code/no-code process automation tools.

Secure by Design

Data is protected using Microsoft Azure, with NIST 800-53 and SOC 2 Type I & II compliance.

 Powerful Integrations

Connect seamlessly with your ERP, SIS, CRM, and other core student and business systems.

Easy to Scale

Achieve efficiencies in one department, then easily scale and expand campus-wide.

“Now, parents can go online, sign, and send forms back to us in 10 or 15 minutes. Students are happier because they receive their financial aid awards quicker.”

Tony Lehrling, Director of Financial Aid  | Southeastern Oklahoma State University

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