What You’ll Gain from a Softdocs Discovery

Robert Gunning

Robert Gunning

Many of you reading this have either purchased Etrieve or are considering it as you explore your current options. Either way, it’s an exciting time as you and your colleagues look to make changes throughout your institution. Most likely you are so ready to get started, and maybe even a little nervous as you begin to make this transition.

The good news? We’ve been doing this a while and totally understand. For that reason, Softdocs has a process in place that makes the move to Etrieve as smooth as possible and makes sure your department is reaping the full benefits of the solution. It’s called Discovery. Whether you’re making the move from another content management solution or making that initial transition from paper to electronic records, the Discovery process is essential in helping you outline your goals, requirements and best practices to help ensure a successful implementation.

So here’s how it works…

After an institution purchases Etrieve, a representative from Softdocs travels on-site and meets with the departments implementing to discuss what their business processes currently look like. Many times, there are multiple thoughts and opinions of daily operations, so this step helps set the standard for what is to be implemented. The Softdocs rep and department head discuss all the forms, corresponding documents and workflows within that department and who exactly handles what. Once in agreement, the Softdocs rep starts building out the suggested filing structure, or folder tree, to illustrate how the paper and content within the department will be organized.

For paper-based processes, they will then walk around to every office and check out the stacks of paper and filing cabinets to ensure that all documentation has been accounted for within the tree. And for clients moving from existing content management solutions, the current implementation and filing structure in their existing solution will be reviewed to determine where the institution might want to make changes during their conversion process.

As you can imagine, the Discovery process is quite thorough as it takes a day or two to complete per department. This is a great opportunity for Softdocs to really get familiar with the institution so the implementation can be tailored specifically to their needs, but it is also equally beneficial for the institution. The Discovery process opens up the floor so you can ask our experts questions, and they can make suggestions and provide feedback based on what they’ve seen work at other schools.

The benefits of the Softdocs’ Discovery process are endless, but we’ve boiled them down to the following five:

  1. The Discovery process is a time to let a third-party expert evaluate your internal processes. A set of fresh eyes provides new insight on ways to do things that you may have never considered before.
  2. It is a time to discuss why things are done the way they are. Just because it is familiar, doesn’t mean it is the only way!
  3. Softdocs has the chance to make suggestions based on their experiences. Our managers have implemented at such a variety of institutions and have learned what is successful, and what isn’t.
  4. The Discovery process makes end-user training very comfortable. Having a familiar face around during training is always better – you know what to expect and are comfortable having an open dialogue with our team.
  5. The Softdocs and customer relationship truly benefits from the Discovery process. When you make an investment like this for your institution, you want to get the most out of it and nothing is better than setting the stage for that with a successful Discovery.

The Discovery not only allows for effective administrative training and a successful go-live, but it is also the first time Softdocs can create a relationship with you and your institution beyond the sales process and that is immeasurably valuable.

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