WATCH Video: What is ECM and Why is it Important in K-12?

What is ECM and Why is it Important in K-12?


The work within a K-12 school district only seems to increase these days. But you can’t always hire (or even find) additional, qualified staff. So it becomes essential to find ways to increase efficiencies and speed up already existing processes. For many K-12 schools and districts, the answer is often Enterprise Content Management (ECM). What the heck is THAT??

In this brief, 30-minute webinar, an EdTech veteran explains the basics of what ECM is, how it works, and how it can eliminate bottlenecks and paper-processes that bog down your district. Specifically, this session covers how ECM:

1. Provides a centralized, digital content repository - capturing often lost content and eliminating paper.

2. Improves efficiencies by simplifying and automating business processes with easy-to-use electronic forms.

3. Helps you gain more visibility into your operations and cross-departmental processes with workflow automation.