WATCH Video: Paperless Prowess - Fresno Pacific 4/7

Paperless Prowess – Fresno Pacific’s Move to eforms, Workflows and Document Management


Fresno Pacific University believes in “connecting every student’s untapped potential with unlimited opportunity”. Toward that end, they began an initiative to end their paper-based processes by moving to an integrated eForm, automated workflow and digital document management solution. The result has been substantial staff time savings, improved process transparency and delivery of a superior student experience. Join this session to hear how they:

-Integrated the solution with their ERP to create error-eliminating, multi-layered smart forms

-Created fast, efficient, paperless processes throughout HR, Financial Aid, Athletics and the Registrar

-Incorporated electronic payments directly into their late registration eform process

-Quickly adapted to handle COVID-related processes and staff communications

“Our use of eforms and content management keeps expanding. We constantly have departments asking if they can use Etrieve for a new process. It is exciting … we have just scratched the surface of what we can do.” -Catherine Lusk, Systems Analyst | Fresno Pacific University