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Lose the Paper, Not the Work.

Never touch a filing cabinet again. Etrieve helps Higher Ed institutions go mobile, eliminating the need for paper and improves productivity and communication campuswide. The Etrieve platform combines document management, electronic forms and workflow automation functionality into an easily scalable, seamless ECM experience.

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Discover the enterprise-wide impact Etrieve will make for your institution, from academic departments to administrative offices.

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What's in this E-book:

• Understand the Etrieve Platform: Combining electronic forms and workflow automation with a secure, online content repository, Etrieve is truly an all-in-one toolkit for institutions.

• Campus Map: Walk through today’s digital campus and explore opportunities for every office on campus using our interactive campus map.

• Related Resources: View resources such as videos, recorded webinars and customer stories that relate to your campus department.