Driving Successful Higher Education Outcomes in TWO WORDS

Successful Outcomes. In two words, this is the goal we’ve set for the solutions we provide to the education market. And for over 21 years, the Softdocs product suite has done exactly that - help colleges, universities and K-12 districts drive successful outcomes for their students and employees.

Let’s talk about how, together, we can drive successful outcomes campuswide at your institution, from human resources to student services.

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You’ve heard our two words, and we’re ready to hear yours. Which challenges are keeping you up at night? What is your institution’s most pressing priority? Where do you see key opportunities for growth? Share your two words and let’s take a look at how Softdocs can help your institution remain competitive and reach its goals. Or, if you’d like to hear a bit more from us first, share which department you’re a part of.



Every minute with a student needs to count.

As the only enterprise content management (ECM) provider focused solely on the education space, we understand the challenges facing your institution, and how crucial it is to make every minute count. Not just for your students, but for faculty, staff, and you as well. That’s why we designed Etrieve™ by Softdocs to be a mobile-first ECM platform that is completely browser-based. And that’s why we’re looking to share just two words with you. Because, by providing convenient and secure access to needed information, we’re helping you make the most of the time you have with each and every student.

Through document management, electronic forms and workflow, Etrieve supports your efforts to serve the modern student, simplifying complex processes and driving successful outcomes.

Let’s talk about how Softdocs, and Etrieve, helps you continue to move the needle on creating positive outcomes, even with costs on the rise and enrollment in decline across higher education.

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“Students don’t want to deal with paper or run around campus. They want to be up at 3 AM filling out their forms. So the e-forms solution helps us adapt to what the students need while still being usable for us.”

Lynn Reynolds | Registrar | Monmouth University


New technology bolsters communication and expands student engagement.

Facing financial pressures and evolving regulatory demands, many departments are shifting focus, adapting processes and adopting new technologies. Are transformative technologies your two words? If so, let’s discuss how the Softdocs Etrieve platform tightly integrates with your trusted campus applications. Standardizing data governance campuswide, Etrieve empowers student financial services and accounts payable to quickly gather data through electronic forms, build reliable and consistent workflows, and create comprehensive, digital financial records for the fastest processing possible. In support of your ongoing efforts, Etrieve puts your institution in position to reimagine business processes and strategically focus on the changing needs of employees and students.

Let’s talk about Etrieve and how we can help you deliver successful outcomes.

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“The turnaround of our verification process has improved drastically. We are now able to process students’ files in days rather than weeks.”

Regina Mahoney | Director of Financial Aid | Fayetteville Technical Community College


Consistency and efficiency define the “new” HR.

Diversity and retention demands are driving many institutions to shift focus, adapt processes and adopt new technologies. How are you creating successful employee outcomes today? Are efficient processes your two words?

Much like your ongoing efforts to meet the changing needs of your institution, Etrieve puts human resources in position to reimagine business processes with a strategic focus on faculty, adjunct and student employees. Through document management, electronic forms and workflow automation, Etrieve supports HR and sustains successful outcomes. If information silos and inaccurate or duplicated data are interfering with your ability to efficiently serve your employees, it’s time to learn about Etrieve. Let’s talk.

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“We realized how cumbersome the onboarding process was, looking for data from different places across the university. We wanted to bring them into one platform that is not only streamlined for new employees, but also less cumbersome for hiring managers.”

Reyn Oyadomori | Manager, Institutional Support Information Technology, Client Services | Pepperdine University


Accelerate decision-making and approvals across the technology stack.

Understanding that valid data is key in decision-making and effective reporting, how are you ensuring data accuracy and security while driving successful outcomes? With information silos and instances of duplicated data potentially able to disrupt your departments' ability to capitalize on key information, are your two words trusted data?

Put your students and staff in position to readily access their data while maintaining your security imperatives, with Etrieve. Capable of standardizing data governance institution-wide, Etrieve ensures your data remains accurate, secure and readily accessible by those it belongs to.

Looking to maintain a secure environment, while empowering your students and staff with the information they need? Let's talk.

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“The real value is the ability to easily access information, instead of having to route a student to 4 or 5 different places. We can provide a better flow of engagement for everyone and speed up the process of helping everyone, both students and staff.”

Donald Beck | Director of Information Technology Services | Davidson County Community College

You’ve heard our two words, now tell us yours.

How do you drive successful outcomes for your institution? What are your most pressing priorities and where do you see key opportunities for growth? We’re ready to hear your two words. #TwoWordsForHigherEd

Document Management


Etrieve Content allows you to manage all your data in a secure, standardized manner.

Electronic Forms


Etrieve Forms enables students and staff to complete web-based forms, eliminating the need for paper at its source.

Workflow Automation


Etrieve Flow, Softdocs' intuitive graphical workflow designer, connects all departments and aspects of your institution.