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Which challenges facing your institution keep you up at night? What is your most pressing priority? Where do you see key opportunities for growth?

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Enable student success with Etrieve by Softdocs.

As the education-focused ECM provider, we understand the importance of making every minute count. Not just for your students, but for faculty, staff and you as well. That’s why we designed Etrieve™ as a mobile-first ECM platform that is completely browser-based. And that’s why we’re looking to share just Two Words with you. Because by providing secure, anytime access to the information you or your students need, we’re helping your institution make the most of the time it has with each and every student.

Electronic content management enables student success. Let’s talk about it.

Enrich the campus experience with e-forms and workflow.

When it comes to the campus experience, efficient processes can be key. Combining content management with electronic forms and workflow, Etrieve by Softdocs is the solution you need to counter information silos, prevent and resolve instances of duplicated data, and improve the efficiency by which common business processes are completed across your campus.

Let’s discuss the challenges your institution is facing and review how you can leverage Etrieve to standardize data governance, connect departments on campus and reimagine time-intensive processes to improve the experience of your students and staff.

Empower data-informed decision-making.

Keep sensitive information secure with Etrieve. Through centralized authentication, single sign-on and an extensive audit trail, Etrieve supports your security objectives while seamlessly integrating with key campus systems. Electronic forms prepopulate with ERP data, before submitting collected information back to your system of record.

Possessing a secure, responsive interface, Etrieve delivers complete control over how information is captured, accessed and distributed. Let's talk about your Two Words on data security.

Share your Two Words with Softdocs.

We’re confident that our education focus has allowed us to create solutions that are a perfect fit for your institution, your systems and the security strategies you have in place. While we could share the many ways that Etrieve will simplify the creation of a secure technology environment for your sensitive data, we’d rather leave it at Two Words and show you instead.

You’ve heard our two words, now tell us yours.


Document Management


Etrieve Content allows you to manage all your data in a secure, standardized manner.

Electronic Forms


Etrieve Forms enables students and staff to complete web-based forms, eliminating the need for paper at its source.

Workflow Automation


Etrieve Flow, Softdocs' intuitive graphical workflow designer, connects all departments and aspects of your institution.