Troubleshooting for Serve Printing

Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

Are you having trouble printing your documents through Serve? Here are some quick troubleshooting tips from Rocky, our client services manager:

Check the printer.

Check the printer screen for any messages (ex. “Please insert MICR cartridge), check paper trays for stock or jams and ensure the printer is online and ready to print.

Check the computer.

On your My Computer screen, make sure your mapped drive does not have a red “X” on it, signifying a disconnection. If it does, double-click the drive to reconnect.

Under your Control Panel’s Printers and Faxes tab, right-click the print and uncheck “Pause Printing” or “Use Printer Offline,” if checked.

*NOTE: In XP and Server 2003, the menu should read “Use Printer Offline” without a check. If “Use Printer Online” is displayed, click to change.

Print a test page from your computer. After placing paper in each tray, right-click the printer and select Properties, then “Print Test Page.” If the test page does not print, contact your network administrator to resolve the issue.

If the test page does not print, proceed to the next step.

Check Serve.

Open Serve’s Manage panel and click on Passthroughs. If the approximate time you sent your file to Doc e Serve is listed in the “passthrough.txt” file, contact Softdocs Technical Support.

If the appropriate timestamp is not listed, there may be a problem with the file. Open the Process panel and ensure the Delayed Processing Mode is unchecked. Uncheck any options under “Suppress with Print Job” as well. Your file should then be under the Pending Output button within the Manage panel.

If it still not there, check the option under the Process panel to “Disregard errors, print anyway.” Your file should then be under the Pending Input button within the Manage panel and will need to be processed.

If you are printing MICR checks and the above has not worked, the problem is usually with the signature disk, often located on a floppy disk, CD or USB drive. Ensure that you can navigate to the floppy disk or CD through your My Computer screen. If it is located on a USB drive, the drive’s password may need to be re-entered.

If this did not solve your problem, please contact Softdocs Technical Support.