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Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

Whew! February and March have been busy!

On February 18-22 Anna Boomer, Selia Straus and thousands of Texas school officials “Walked the Walk” at the annual TASBO conference—a fitting theme an event whose backdrop is the historic Riverwalk of San Antonio, Texas. As the newest Account Manager in the Softdocs family, Anna enjoyed meeting educators and leaders from the hundreds of school districts in Texas, particularly individuals representing districts that are currently utilizing Softdocs products!

There was a wonderful turnout at TASBO and the exhibit hall boasted basketball flooring, school buses, and live demos of a range of products. Suffice it to say, when Anna and Selia were not interacting with the conference attendees they could be found at different vendor booths in the hall, talking about the needs of K-12’s in the state.

All-in-all, this event was fun and educational and we look forward to hearing more about Anna’s upcoming trips to Texas.

While Anna and Selia were in the Alamo City, Lew Love was in Greensboro, North Carolina at the 2013 NCASBO annual conference. This year’s theme was “Believe and Achieve: Innovative Solutions for New Challenges.” With ever-present concerns from school districts about budgetary and workflow issues, attendees gathered to discuss the challenges they face as educators and identified solutions to help them meet their goals. At Softdocs, this is a discussion that does not end. In fact, continually developing software that addresses the complicated needs of educational institutions is at the forefront of our minds. So, it was with enthusiasm that Lew learned about the needs of the schools in his territory, knowing he could take these insights back to our Columbia headquarters so we can make our products that much better for our clients!

Last week, Andrew Daniel, Robert Satcher, Mike Murphy and Selia Straus were in Myrtle Beach for the annual SCASBO conference. Year after year, this is always a great conference that provides the opportunity to touch base with the many friends we’ve made in South Carolina over the years. Did you know that almost 2/3 of SC school districts are Softdocs customers?

There are more conferences on our calendar and we look forward to connecting with as many people as we can throughout our travels, but if you would like to touch base with us in the meantime don’t hesitate to drop us a line! Whether you want to talk to your Account Manager or a member of our Support staff, we encourage you to contact us!