Top Ten Ways to Do More with Softdocs and Ellucian

Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel
  1. Capture & file Colleague output with Doc e Scan.
  2. Scan & index documents directly from Colleague with Auto File.
  3. Process data output with Doc e Serve to create clean, customized documents.
  4. Identify key data to automatically file documents with Forms Recognition.
  5. Produce custom, easily-fillable forms for students & employees with Doc e Fill.
  6. Track employee time sessions in real-time with EMMA.
  7. Distribute customized documents by print, fax or e-mail with eDelivery.
  8. Manage your institution’s open positions and job applicants with SoftApp.
  9. Archive old documents, microfilm & microfiche with our Records Scanning Services.
  10. Access scanned & captured documents directly from Colleague with Auto Launch.

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