Tokens for your Auditor (No, we don’t mean a bribe…)

Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

What do Chuck E. Cheese and Doc e Scan have in common besides the letter “e”?


As a kid, tokens gave you the freedom to play a limited amount of totally awesome games at the local arcade. In Doc e Scan, tokens give specified people a limited amount of time to electronically view sensitive information. Doesn’t sound as fun as a night full of pizza, video games and cashing in your tickets for the latest slinky, BUT, the benefits are so great, you may just crack a smile.

If you’ve ever been through an audit, you know the stress involved in making sure the information auditors need is readily available. Before paperless solutions from Softdocs, this also meant being as organized as possible with your presentation of these documents. Gathering receipts, papers and other records was a time-consuming process in and of itself. Granting your auditor what we call Token Access within Doc e Scan will make your auditor happy, save valuable time and so much more.

Here’s how tokens work:
Your System Administrator can set up Token Administrators. Token Administrators can then grant tokens to auditors, parents, students, employees, etc. The time to set up tokens, or Token Access, depends on the amount of information to be shared, as well as the current system file setup and total number of documents within the system. If you want to give access to citizenship documents, for example, Social Security Cards, Driver’s License and all are filed in the same folder and this is fairly quick process. If you have 90 document types in an Employee Room and you want to give rights to five documents, all kept in separate folders, it will take a little longer. To allow Token Access, a Token Administrator would right click on a user (assuming the user exists in Doc e Scan), select the permissible documents, key fields, etc. To save time, preparation in advance at this stage in the setup is key.

Here are the benefits:
Token Access not only allows you to control the amount of time information is available, but also allows you to track the documents viewed. During an audit, this allows you to be prepared in advance for specific questions that may follow. Also, you can control which key fields are viewable, like Social Security Number. You can also only show the user the cards you want them to see, so to speak, without letting them know more cards are available. This is ideal for giving employees, students or parents the right to see their personnel, student record or special needs file in a secured manner. In Higher Education, a student may just want to see their financial aid documents or other specific records.

Smiling yet? We’ll try harder.

There is not a direct cost associated with enabling tokens in Doc e Scan, just give us a call, however, we highly recommend training PRIOR to deploying this feature.

If you’re interested, contact your Account Manager today.