Thankful Series | Development Team

Kayla Tuff

Kayla Tuff

The Softdocs development team is full of diverse individuals who are incredibly smart and creative. Without their brains, Softdocs would not be able to provide such an innovative and stable solution to meet our customers’ daily needs. The development team works endlessly to provide continual updates and enhancements to better our products, while constantly thinking about the future of the platform as a whole.

The roadmap for the development team expands well into the coming years and for that, we are thankful for their skillset and commitment to our software solutions . When asked what his favorite part about being the Development Manager is, Mark Metze replied with amazing teamwork. We couldn’t think of a better answer to describe the development team. With such a versatile group of people, their teamwork comes together to create the solutions our customers desire.

Speaking of customers, they are the driving force of the development team. Mark said customer success is what motivates him to lead the team to create the most effective solution for the market. The development team listens to customer requests and challenges on a daily basis, doing everything in their power to ensure the product is the best it can be.

Softdocs is thankful for our development team and their ability to focus on customer needs while developing a leading edge software platform.