Ten Years and Counting

Hannah Goodwin


This year marks a momentous accomplishment for three of our employees; each are celebrating their ten year anniversary with Softdocs. In recognition of their years of hard work and dedication, we’re sharing their Softdocs experiences from the past decade.

We thank you and wish each one of you a happy work anniversary! Congratulations Kipp Hoffman, Ricky Johnson and Will Sullivan!

Kipp Hoffman

Support Team Member

I started working at Softdocs not long after college. When I first began, we were in a different building not far down the road. About a year later, the planning was underway for our move to the current location. There’s even been a second building added.

This company has grown so much in 10 years. When I started, there were roughly 20 people working here. Now, I honestly could not tell you exactly how many people work for Softdocs. I like that the owners, Mike and Robert, will do whatever they can to help you out. It is a very family oriented business and they look out for everyone’s well-being.

Many co-workers have become good friends outside of work. One memorable occasion was our first user group conference back in 2007 in Myrtle Beach, SC. We had a good time at the beach while being able to put names and faces together with our customers. We even found time to teach them a thing or two about our products between all the fun.

I was originally hired to go out on the road and install and train clients on Doc e Serve. Since then, I have helped rewrite the Doc e Serve design manual, provide phone support and am one of the main “go-to” people when it comes to testing. I’m currently in charge of all Doc e Serve support.

I spend my free time with my dog KaCey. He is a two-year-old German Shepherd that seems to have a non-stop energy source. We go for walks and play fetch on a daily basis.

Ricky Johnson


When I was first hired, I was the 16th employee and shared a very small office with another developer. Now, we have 16 employees on the Development team alone. We have consistently outgrown every building we have ever been in.

I was originally hired as an hourly consultant for development work for one of our original in-house products. My current development responsibilities consist of working on Etrieve, our new generation product. I’m responsible for writing the conversion applications and will be converting customers from Doc e Scan to Etrieve.

My favorite thing about Softdocs is my co-workers. I have made friends here that I know will last my lifetime and coming to work every day with people you like makes a huge difference. I think the most memorable things for me have been our annual Thanksgiving dinners. It has been a tradition ever since I started working here. Everyone pitches in with a dish or two – some old favorites and some new experiences. It is my favorite event of the year and gives us all a chance to enjoy the fellowship of our of our Softdocs family and an opportunity to appreciate what we have accomplished over the past year.

I also really enjoy coordinating the Softdocs Wellness Program. A group of us get together to work out twice a week during lunch at a gym we have put together in the warehouse next to our main office.

I’m the outdoorsy type no doubt. Along with the typical hunting, fishing and camping, I really enjoy mud runs and obstacle races. I have completed a number of half marathons, one full marathon and am now signed up for a 50K. I like to continue to challenge myself physically and mentally as much as possible without putting myself in the hospital.

Will Sullivan


I originally was hired because the company realized it would eventually have to retire its applications written in VB6, and move onto the new Microsoft.NET development platform. I created the initializer/updater for Doc e View (Web View) and Auto Launch. Most recently I have been working on our new Etrieve applications.

I really like that everyone at Softdocs works together towards the goals of providing superior software at a great value with excellent support. Employees are given so many opportunities to grow, learn and move up here. I’d say one of the things I like most about my job is the flexibility. If something needs to get done, and I think I can knock it out, all I have to do is raise my hand.

Outside of work, I have a few side website projects I’m working on. One website is designed to connect sellers of craft beers with their fans.