Team Spotlight: Migrations

Jennifer Wilson

Jennifer Wilson

The needs of higher education institutions and K-12 school districts have evolved significantly since 1998 when Softdocs first got its start in the software industry. The goals of these institutions used to revolve around this idea of eliminating paper by creating electronic student and employee records. The mass amounts of paper were not only taking up valuable office space, it was also slowing down processes and causing employees to work less efficiently – a waste of both time and money. While manual, paper-based processes are still a concern for many educational institutions, so many of the implementations we are currently facilitating are about more than just going paperless. Many of these new projects are now driven by the need to support growing student and employee demands for mobile access to content and e-forms, which means migrating from legacy, outdated technologies. Migrations are unique in the sense that the institution already has some kind of technology and processes in place, and due to their differences from a typical implementation, they deserve a special degree of attention.

With this industry shift in mind, we created a dedicated Softdocs migration team a little over a year ago to focus on those institutions who are converting from competitive solutions, as well as those who are upgrading from our Doc e product suite to the next generation Etrieve platform. Made up of both technology-focused development and services resources, the migration team has seen a huge increase in opportunities. With the current disruption in the ECM industry, the team has evolved to add resources to handle a wide range of migrations. These include basic apples-to-apples conversions, customer-led migrations, and total revamps of previous implementations. Whether it be generated by end-of-life announcements or institutions wanting to make the move to the latest technology, we have definitely seen an increase in migration needs and we know this team will only continue to grow.

The team is currently working on many projects with existing Nolij and ImageNow institutions, and have developed a deep understanding of those solutions, one of the many values in having a team dedicated to these projects. They are able to take their experiences with other implementations to help make adjustments and recommendations. And with Softdocs being education focused, our team has a keen understanding of the way educational institutions operate.

Whether your school is looking for an “apples to apples” migration or a complete overhaul, our migrations team can work with you to analyze your current processes and data to figure out what type of approach makes the most sense. No matter if you’re a current customer looking to upgrade to Etrieve or your current solution isn’t working the way you’d like it to, our team is ready to assist with the conversion process.

Learn more about what our migration process in this post or contact us if you would like more information!