Teacher Contract Management: Four Reasons Why Less is Much More with Softdocs

Hannah Goodwin

Hannah Goodwin

The schedule of an educator follows a pretty unique timeline: two to three weeks holiday break, followed by the beginning of a new semester and, of course, the contract renewal process. Whether your district has 400 or 4000 teachers and staff, renewing and managing annual contracts is one of the most crucial and intensive procedures of the entire year. As this time draws closer (or has already begun), you have probably asked yourself at least once, “Is there any way to make this easier?”

Enter Softdocs. We believe that when it comes to workflow and paper, less is definitely more. Less money, less time, less worry… many more benefits for your district.

With our Workflow Suite, you can turn that mountain of paperwork and processes that can last weeks into a fast, efficient and fully electronic management system. Check out the top four reasons our solutions can make less into much more.

  1. Less Time = More Efficient

Typically, manually renewing contracts can take anywhere from four to six weeks (or longer), and most districts must go through it every year. With Softdocs, the process is simplified. Buford City Schools in Georgia, a customer since 2004, implemented this solution and cut their usual time frame down to an eighth of what they originally spent.

The steps are simple:

  • The teacher receives notification of a contract via e-mail. The teacher then opens the contract, reviews and accepts or rejects the contract by electronic signature.
  •  The contract is automatically sent back to their principal or human resources for final approval.
  •  After approval the contract is converted into a PDF and archived within the teacher’s electronic folder in Etrieve Content. The entire process is also recorded and archived for an easy-to-read audit trail.
  1. Less Paper = More Space

Do you have multiple filing cabinets reserved for teachers’ files? Maybe even boxes full, or a whole room dedicated to hundreds or thousands of pages of contracts and archives? Etrieve Content gives you the organization of filing cabinets, but completely online. Each contract can be automatically archived into a folder for a specific teacher, in addition to the document’s audit trail. From the moment you implement our Software Suite, you never have to spend an entire day printing, stuffing envelopes and delivering again.

What if a teacher does need to print a copy of his/her contract? Etrieve Central allows each employee access to their own file folder in Etrieve, where all of their completed forms can be printed. Going paperless would save you 13 cubic feet per average filing cabinet. Think about what you can do with all of this extra space in your office.

  1. Less Resources Required = More Money Saved

Cost of paper, postage, labor, more postage, notaries… the annual expenses add up. The amount of time and resources you can save by implementing Softdocs’ solutions means you can save more money. Gone are the days of working overtime for weeks on end. Say goodbye to hand cramps and paper cuts with electronic signatures that adhere to federal law and the need to notarize each and every contract annually. Convinced yet?

  1. Less Worry and Hassle = More Benefits for Everyone Involved

When managing your contracts electronically, there’s no more:

  •  Fussing with Word and manually typing contracts one at a time – or using a mail merge.
  •  Worrying about typographical or data entry errors when building the contract.
  •  Driving contracts from school to school – and then making multiple trips to get all of those contracts back.
  •  Concern about confidential information being placed in an open teacher’s lounge mailbox.

      BONUS: Softdocs’ Software Suite doesn’t stop at contract management!

Our solutions are designed to manage any mass distribution document your school district might need. From auto-filling documents from a spreadsheet to archiving the workflow process to securing files, Softdocs can help you do it all.

Ready to find out more? Contact us to learn how we can make less into so much more.