Student Emergency Contact Cards

Kayla Tuff

Kayla Tuff

Fumbling around with a stack of student emergency contact cards while on a field trip or during activity days could spell disaster. With sensitive information such as a medical history, parent or guardian contact information and rights to refuse certain district policies, not only are these cards at risk for being seen by prying eyes, but what if one is lost and can’t be found when a real emergency is taking place?

Softdocs recently added emergency cards to our electronic forms library and we wanted to share some details on behalf of a customer on how they are using Doc e Fill to create a more secure and easily accessible form for parents, guardians and the district.

Each parent/guardian is assigned a username and password. If there is more than one child attending school from the same family, a specific username and password combination is created for each individual child. Utilizing their new login details, parents/guardians access the district’s Doc e Fill site to complete the emergency card form. The completed form is archived in Doc e Fill. In future years, this information can be pre-populated, saving additional time for parents/guardians.

The district is now able to access this pertinent information through secure access of Doc e Fill. As needed, staff can run queries to specify which student cards to pull based on different criteria, such as student name, homeroom teacher, grade, time of card submission or certain refusals submitted. If a hard copy is required, staff will still be able to print physical copies.

If you’re interested in adding electronic student emergency cards to your district, contact us today.