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Stevenson University

The Registrar’s office at Stevenson University completely transformed with the help of Softdocs’ electronic filing.

Quick Facts

  • Softdocs customer since 2005
  • Implemented across all departments


  • Time-consuming, manual transcript processing
  • Departments located on two campuses created difficulty in accessing files
  • Significant lag time in filing documents


The Softdocs ECM Platform™

  • Workflow and electronic filing allow staff quick and easy access to student files

"[Electronic] workflow has changed everything because we now have the information we need at our fingertips."

Tracy Bolt | Registrar | Stevenson University

Stevenson quickly realized it needed an imaging system that would allow departments at either campus access to documents and information when they needed it.

High enrollment is rarely seen as a problem for colleges and universities, but with limited physical space on campus, more students also mean more paper to process, manage and store. After adding a second campus and moving the Admissions Department, Stevenson University began experiencing a new set of problems. Two locations were inhibiting staff productivity and created bottlenecks in the application approval processes even more.

After visiting another local institution, Monmouth University, the solution became clear.

“We decided we would be better served with Softdocs over other solutions because of how easy it was to learn how to use Softdocs’ Content Management solution after seeing it firsthand at Monmouth.”

Implementing the Solution

Within five months and without any additional staff, the Registrar’s office had converted all of its physical documents into Softdocs’ Enterprise Content Management solution. Now, each front office employee has access to a desktop scanner and new documents are scanned in almost immediately.

Prior to working with Softdocs, the Registrar’s office had to print 3000+ transcripts at the end of every semester and file them by hand. Now, Softdocs’ Print Customization and Delivery solution pulls the appropriate data, updates the transcript and files it in each student’s electronic folder.

Of course, Softdocs spent more time customizing the filing tree in the content management solution to meet Stevenson University’s specific needs, but it made for a much easier process when implementation was complete.

“Workflow has changed everything because we now have the information we need at our fingertips.”

When all departments went live with Softdocs, Stevenson University decided to keep physical documents for six months.

“Admissions only keeps the files for a day now—we trust the system to protect our documents,” said Bolt.

Overall, Stevenson University’s greatest challenge was managing their success. Their growth forced them to find a solution. By implementing Softdocs, they increased productivity by eliminating filing cabinets and the need to drive miles away to find documents. They also reduced costs by electronically filing documents instead of printing them. “There have been bumps along the road but that is to be expected with any software.”

“We have found the support staff at Softdocs to be good listeners and very helpful."

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