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  • Marketplace: K12
  • Location: Rock Hill, SC
  • Number of Students: 17,400

Rock Hill School District Three


Like many school districts, Rock Hill used to process their 1,400 teacher contracts manually. With each contract containing at least three documents, the process was, to say the least, extremely time consuming.

Leveraging the power of Softdocs’ Electronic Forms solution, letters of intent, contract recommendations, annual contracts and letters of agreement are now all delivered, reviewed and signed electronically. The district no longer has to worry with couriers to transport the contracts or the need to make duplicate copies. And with completed contracts filing automatically into the employee’s electronic folder within Softdocs’ Content Management solution, time-consuming filing processes are also a thing of the past.


I have not had one principal complain that he or she is having to do [the electronic re-employment process]. Some of my principals who are notoriously late on doing paperwork have been on time. It’s a shock.


Beckye Partlow | Executive Director of Personnel | Rock Hill School District Three