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Madison County Schools


Trade in interoffice mail for more time, money and accountability.

Quick Facts

  • Softdocs customer since 2004
  • Implemented district-wide


  • Check printing issues resulting in wasted check stock and additional expenses
  • Inefficient, paper intensive business processes


The Softdocs ECM Platform™

  • Remote Reprint to easily reprint checks
  • Eliminate interoffice mail
  • Converted microfilm and paper records

“I am so happy I have a good working relationship with Softdocs, because they definitely make my life easier.”

Alicia Fitzpatrick | System Bookkeeper | Madison County Schools

In Need of Updates

After numerous system and printing problems, Madison County Schools wanted to improve the way they did things. Softdocs helped them find the solution. 

Madison County Schools knew their business processes were in need of updates. In the midst of switching their ERP to CSI, now part of Harris School Solutions, they also wanted to modernize their printing process.

“We had a band printer to print reports on green bar paper that could be heard throughout our building, if you messed up a check run, you had to void all the checks and rerun them. Since the checks were printed, that was costly.”

According to Fitzpatrick, after reviewing several imaging solutions, Madison County attended a local technology roadshow where they were introduced to Softdocs.

“We were actually in the process of signing the contract to buy CSI and Softdocs [solutions], when we found out the
state would not be giving us any funds,” said Fitzpatrick.

After waiting a year, funding came through and Madison County purchased the entire Softdocs ECM Platform to be used district-wide in November of 2004. 

“We were up and running by February 2005,” said Fitzpatrick. 

“I don’t think I fully understood the capabilities of the content management platform at the time we purchased, but I have since learned and cannot live without it.”

With Softdocs’ Print Customization solution, Madison County no longer wastes check stock due to bad check runs. They can select individual checks for reprint, rather than re-running the entire job. The content management solution makes it easier for them to find documents, such as purchase orders and check copies for auditors.

And Softdocs’ Electronic forms solution eliminates the need to send forms through interoffice mail. Forms are now electronically routed to the appropriate person—and tracked—without staff leaving their desks.

Excellence in Customer Service

According to Fitzpatrick, only good customer service will keep her coming back to a vendor. “[With Softdocs], I keep going back to purchase more work saving solutions.”

“Your customer service is fantastic, I love Softdocs. I love being able to say ‘this is what I need to do’ and they come up with a solution.”

Being a privately-held company where every solution is developed in-house, Softdocs can tailor its solutions to meet the needs of its customers.

Madison County continually adds more forms to the electronic forms solution. “The employees like being able to have all their archived forms (pay stubs, contracts and payroll stubs) on their computer,” said Fitzpatrick.

Setting up the routing of their e-forms was one of their biggest challenges, but the Softdocs Professional Services Team has been able to help. “There are always challenges and frustrations when you have to learn a new way of doing something,” said Fitzpatrick.

“Working with Softdocs Professional Services is always a good experience. They are always so patient with me, even when I ask so many questions until I get an understanding of it,” said Fitzpatrick.

Madison County Schools continues to recommend Softdocs to other school districts and is currently looking to expand its use of Softdocs’ solutions, specifically to improve efficiency in Accounts Payable. 

“I am so happy I have a good working relationship with Softdocs, because they definitely make my life easier.”

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