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Jasper County Schools

Jasper County Schools found the structure their Finance Department needed with Softdocs.

Quick Facts

  • Softdocs customer since 2003
  • Implemented in Finance Department


  • Time-consuming manual business processes
  • District spread out across two different cities
  • File cabinets wasting valuable office space


The Softdocs ECM Platform:

  • Print Customization and Delivery
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Electronic Forms
  • Workflow

With a school district spread across two cities and more than 20 miles apart, Jasper County School District noticed some major accountability issues. They decided to take action.

Administrative Inefficiencies

Due to manual paper processes, timeliness and organization were a constant struggle, specifically in the finance department invoices were continuously late and the tracking of payments and documentation was almost impossible.

“We had invoices being paid years later, often with no follow up.”

Jasper County School District’s Chief Financial Officer, Jennifer Carter, was beginning to see the consequences of their administrative inefficiencies and knew some changes were necessary. In 2003, they began the implementation of Softdocs’ Print Customization and Delivery solution. With the initial rollout in Finance, the improvements in payment automation and tracking were almost immediate.

Finance Department

Jasper County School District had invoices being paid years later, often without follow up. The distance between the district offices in combination with the inefficiencies of manual, paper-intensive processes was beginning to be consequential. Eventually, maintaining accountability for both employees outside of the district office and invoices became a near impossible task.

“Now each invoice has a date and time stamp as soon as it leaves the office,” said Carter. “We only have two accruals at the end of the fiscal year, which is significantly better than what it was before.”

Softdocs’ Print Customization solution, as well as the ECM platform, streamlined those time-consuming processes, allowing Jasper County’s finance department to allocate its resources in more efficient ways. Instead of storing paper in file cabinets throughout the office, Jasper County has all of the information in one place within Softdocs. The department was able to rid itself of all files cabinets and is now using that space for a conference room. 

“The Print Customization and Delivery solution really made Softdocs stand out from the competition. It has made the finance office so much more efficient. Now we can use our time doing more important things than tracking paper.”

In addition to the technology, Jasper County saw great benefit in the professional services provided by the Softdocs team. 

“During the discovery process of our implementation, we were able to sit down and speak on every process and procedure we had. Not only did we see what Softdocs could solve, but we were also able to reevaluate some of our current processes and make improvements to create greater efficiencies overall,” said Carter. 

District Level Staff

Jasper County School District has also rolled out Softdocs for the district-level staff, which includes managers and principals. By utilizing Softdocs’ Electronic Forms solution, manual paper forms and processes are eliminated.

“We have saved so much paper and time using the Content Management and E-forms solutions,” said Carter. “They’re time efficient, the cost savings are great and Softdocs only continues to expand the functionality of the system further. I know as we continue to grow our implementation, the other departments will see just as much, if not more benefits from this technology.”

Looking to the Future

The district has certainly seen efficiency improvements across the board and has plans to roll out Softdocs in
other departments, making Jasper County School District a completely paperless entity.

Softdocs has allowed Jasper County School District to start down the path to becoming paperless, something that challenges K-12 districts daily. With technology leading the way, traditional paper processes are now standardized and automated, district level staff is more equipped to accomplish their daily tasks and departments have become more uniformed in how forms and processes are handled.

“We had processes, but we lacked structure. With Softdocs, we have one set of procedures which makes everything a lot easier.”

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