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  • Marketplace: Higher Education
  • Location: Sanford, NC
  • Number of Students: 6,412

Central Carolina Community College

Central Carolina Community College was officially weighed down with paper. The boxes of documentation, file cabinets and offices dedicated to holding all of it became too much. As the college grew, finding a single document in the masses was next to impossible.

The school was investigating a couple problem areas when they realized their paper usage was becoming challenging. One goal was to get rid of the wasted office space that the numerous boxes of paper documentation were taking over. Another goal was to increase searches for specific documents as the college grew.


If we had documentation at one site and someone in another county needed access to a copy, we would either have to drive or send it, which isn’t secure. There was a lot of wasted time and effort.


MontE Christman | Associate Director of Information Technology | Central Carolina Community College