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  • Marketplace: K-12
  • Location: Statesboro, GA
  • Number of Students: 9,500+

Bulloch County Schools


Bulloch County Schools had so many paper files they were shipping boxes to an off-site warehouse, resulting in a time-consuming process to find and access records.

With the Softdocs ECM Platform,  the district greatly reduced time spent managing document-based tasks and eliminated many of the errors that used to plague the business processes in their Finance and HR departments  – all while staying within budget.

Since implementation, roughly 90 percent of Bulloch’s personnel forms have gone completely paperless, including new employee documents. Paper is now a thing of the past.


It used to take days just to get all the data to the district office for approval, and even longer for the check to be cut and sent back to the employee. Now, employees can attach scanned receipts and invoices directly to the reimbursement form with Softdocs, and it lands on our desks in just a few minutes instead of a few days.


Troy Brown | Chief Financial Officer | Bulloch County Schools