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Bulloch County Schools

Bulloch County Schools

With electronic forms, Bulloch County Schools has been able to minimize the completion time of many of their business processes, allowing them to spend time on more pressing matters.

Quick Facts

  • Softdocs customer since 2004
  • Implemented in Finance and Human Resources


  • Slow turnaround time for employee reimbursements
  • Files shipped and stored in an off-site warehouse
  • Excessive time spent on paper intensive tasks


The Softdocs ECM Platform™

  • Electronic forms for onboarding new employees and employee reimbursement
  • Print customization with eDelivery to automate document delivery
  • Electronic document management eliminated the need for off-site storage

“The [CSI] integration capabilities & additional functionality of the Softdocs ECM Platform, and at the cost we could get it for, made it the obvious choice.”

Kevin Judy | Assistant Superintendent for HR | Bulloch County Schools

A New Solution

In 2003, Bulloch County Schools was in search of a new accounting solution, as well as a better way to manage documents.

While reviewing solutions from CSI, now part of Harris School Solutions, Bulloch was introduced to the Softdocs ECM Platform. Bulloch’s staff quickly realized that the two products complemented one another, while simultaneously meeting their needs.

For Bulloch, the Softdocs ECM Platform minimized excessive time spent on paper intensive tasks, eliminated many of the issues that previously plagued business processes in their Finance and Human Resources departments and worked within their budget.

“Softdocs was a quick decision for us,” said Kevin Judy,  “The integration capabilities and additional functionality of the Softdocs ECM Platform, and at the cost we could get it for, made it the obvious choice.”

Softdocs’ Print Customization and Delivery solution,  implemented first, was immediately used to print all 
of their payroll documents and purchase orders. They added eDelivery, an add-on that allows for automatic electronic delivery of outgoing documents, shortly thereafter. This was their first step in moving toward 
a paperless environment.

Purchase Orders and Payroll

Softdocs’ Content Management solution was implemented next and used primarily for capturing purchase orders and payroll checks, which are then electronically filed into vendor and employee folders. The electronic archive of employee folders alone eliminated more than a dozen filing cabinets.

Softdocs’ Content Management solution also allowed Bulloch to eliminate most of the paper from its off-campus warehouse while still meeting Georgia state document retention policies.

“Before Softdocs, we would have to ship boxes and boxes of paper to our warehouse,” said Troy Brown, Bulloch’s Chief Financial Officer. “And every time we needed to look at an archived document, we’d have to drive out to the warehouse, get dirty from head-to-toe and dig out the right piece of paper.”


With the addition of Softdocs’ Electronic Forms solution, roughly 90 percent of Bulloch’s personnel forms have gone completely paperless, including new employee documents.

“Whenever we hire a new employee, there are countless forms employees have to complete for HR and Payroll. But with electronic forms, employees can log on and fill everything in electronically, then immediately send it through the workflow for approval."

Once it’s approved, the content management solution picks it up and archives everything in their electronic folder,” said Brown.

Teacher Contracts

When teachers are hired, the Softdocs ECM Platform has also changed the process of delivering, signing and reviewing teacher contracts.

Prior to implementing Softdocs’ Electronic Forms solution, HR would have to manually type each contract. These contracts were then mailed to the school, where an entire day was set aside for teachers to sign their contracts under the supervision of a notary. After all contracts were signed, they were sent to the superintendent for approval, copied for filing and sent back to each individual teacher. The entire process took weeks.

Softdocs now generates each teacher’s contract electronically, pulling information from CSI and the 
print customization solution to complete the form before sending it to the teacher. The teacher electronically signs the contract and forwards it through the workflow process to an auditor and then to Judy, who approves the contract in the electronic forms solution. Once approved, the contract is archived in the teacher’s electronic folder, and he or she is notified by email that their contract has been approved and archived. They can then use Softdocs to review or print the approved contract at any time.

Professional Development and Employee Reimbursement

Another improved business process in the HR department allows for automatic reporting.

“Each year we would have to do all sorts of data mining and calculations in order to tell the state what we’d done for professional development. We would have to designate the leave type, how many days were used, and whether the events were certified or non-certified. Now the report is automatically generated. That’s been a huge relief,” said Judy. 

Once an employee returns from professional leave, they can use Softdocs’ Electronic Forms solution to generate their reimbursement form. 

“Our turnaround time for employee reimbursement is much more efficient,” said Brown.

“It used to take days just to get all the data to the district office for approval, and even longer for the check to be cut and sent back to the employee. Now, employees can attach scanned receipts and invoices directly to the reimbursement form in Softdocs’ Electronic Forms solution, and it lands on our desks in just a few minutes instead of a few days.”

Overall, the Softdocs ECM Platform has minimized the completion time of business processes and has allowed Bulloch to concentrate on more pressing tasks.

“We complete processes so much faster simply by eliminating errors. We can set forms to require certain fields, and even if something is entered incorrectly, we can simply route the form right back to the employee electronically. We don’t have to wait two or three days for the employee to receive it by mail, just to have the whole process start over again,” said Brown.

The Softdocs ECM Platform was customized to meet Bulloch’s specific departmental needs.

“Other software providers are not anywhere near as willing to customize their solutions as Softdocs,” said Judy.

“Sometimes you just want to tweak something here and there, and Softdocs is really great about not charging a huge amount just for a tweak. There’s been a lot of flexibility that we really enjoy.”

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