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Auburn City Schools

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Auburn City Schools’ Finance department reinvented its payroll process, and so much more, with Softdocs.

Quick Facts

  • Softdocs customer since 2007
  • First implemented in Finance


  • Manual, time-consuming payroll process.
  • Finding and accessing paper-based records was a hassle.


The Softdocs ECM Platform™

  • Electronic document management provides quick and easy access to documents
  • Print customization and delivery with eDelivery helps automate the distribution of checks and forms
  • Softdocs’ Self Service provides quick access for employees to view pay stubs

“It’s like my second hand now. I can’t imagine life without it.”

Hollye Beck | Benefits Coordinator | Auburn City Schools

A customer for more than eight years, Auburn City Schools is still finding ways to improve their district processes with Softdocs solutions.

With eleven schools and nearly 1,000 employees, Auburn was processing tons of paper checks and documents annually. Hollye Beck, Auburn’s Benefits Coordinator, has been using Softdocs’ solutions since Auburn first purchased Softdocs’ Enterprise Content Management solution and Print Customization and Delivery solution, in 2007. 

“We didn’t start full force. At first we were merely storing our check copies in the content management solution. Before Softdocs, we had to manually take check copies and put them in a book - we were filling up book after book and eventually entire filing cabinets.”

First implemented in the Finance department, Auburn has seen not only a time savings by storing digital copies in Softdocs, but Softdocs’ Print Customization solution has allowed the district to reduce the amount of physical checks printed from 1,000 down to an average of 30 per month.

“We moved everyone to direct deposit,  which drastically reduced the number of checks we were having to print.”
The purchase and introduction of Softdocs’ Self Service alleviated the need to provide physical check copies and tax forms to employees, further increasing the amount of resources saved. Beck mentioned that there was some push back from a few staff at first, and she still receives  a few phone calls, but overall it has been a good move. 
“I’ve been able to save nearly four hours  a week in just processing tax forms.”

Records Digitization

When the district saw what a difference Softdocs’ Print Customization and Delivery solution made within the Finance department, they knew it needed to be implemented within additional departments, beginning with Human Resources.

“We sent Softdocs almost 200 boxes of personnel files to be digitized. We went from ten filing cabinets that could barely close down to two.”

Now electronic, the files are archived in the content management solution and easily accessible. “I can pull up the information while on the phone and don’t have the issues of not finding a document when I need it because it’s stuck behind another sheet of paper. It’s all in one place now,” Beck said.

Continued Support

The filing structure within Softdocs’ Content Management solution has continued to evolve with the district. Just a few years back, Auburn assigned employee identification numbers to all staff, removing the need to provide social security numbers on documents. Working with the Softdocs Support team, Beck said they were able to update Softdocs’ Content Management solution to file based on employee ID.

“Any time there is an issue, the Support Team is  always willing to pitch in and help us get back on track.”

Beck has a hard time remembering what her workdays were like before Softdocs. “It’s like my second hand now,” she said. “I can’t imagine life without it. We can scan in whatever we want and put all of our information into this one solution - not just certain documents.”

Auburn City Schools is currently working with the Professional Services team to develop workflows and implement e-forms for electronic Accounts Payable processes. “Working with the Professional Services team has been excellent. We’re excited to see how the team will help us improve and what we can do next.”

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