Simplify your business processes on a single effective platform. Etrieve Flow was built from the ground up to be a fully interactive, user friendly product that allows institutions to automate both basic and complex business processes. The intuitive design allows you to create pathways as simple or multifaceted as your specific processes dictate, reducing current workflow bottlenecks, increasing visibility and standardizing disparate business operations.

Graphical, Integrated, Functional.

Building workflows of any type using Etrieve Flow is simple and intuitive with drag and drop functionality within the workflow designer. There are no complex computer languages required to learn. The interface is welcoming, not intimidating. The result is a graphical representation of your business processes that is easy for everyone to understand.

Parallel Workflow Processes

Customizable Notifications

Detailed Workflow History

Add Electronic Forms to Your Workflow.

Business processes can involve data and users from a variety of systems. Leverage Etrieve Flow to blend Content and Forms with existing ERP data to save even more time and resources. Automatically push completed e-forms through a pre-determined workflow to a reviewer. Once approved, e-forms can file directly to the correct student, vendor or employee folder in Etrieve Content and pass data back to your ERP, eliminating the need to manually re-key submitted information.

Improve Process Efficiencies

Integrate Content, Forms and ERP Data

Increase Workflow Visibility


The [CSI] integration capabilities and additional functionality of Softdocs workflow solution, at the cost we could get it for, made [Etrieve] the obvious choice.


Kevin Judy | Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources | Bulloch County Schools

See Flow go.

Our innovative software solutions work to redefine business processes in the educational marketplace by improving student service and employee productivity with complete control over how content is captured, processed and distributed.