Softdocs Travels to Bend for OrACRAO

Tom O'Rourke

Tom O'Rourke

Last week I had the pleasure of attending Oregon ACRAO in Bend, Oregon. This was my second time visiting the city along the Deschutes River, and once again, it didn’t disappoint. From the accommodations to the weather and breathtaking views of the snow on Mount Hood, it was a wonderful trip!

The OrACRAO conference was very much like the city of Bend – nice and cozy! The conference had just over thirty institutions in attendance, giving me the opportunity to visit with every attendee. As they broke into small groups and made their way around the exhibit area, it mimicked a speed dating round. Each person quickly stopping by every booth and trying to take in as much information as they could before moving on to the next. I had the opportunity to share information about Softdocs and Etrieve, and truly enjoyed speaking with everyone who came by to see me.

This year was the 30th anniversary of OrACRAO, so the theme of the show was “Bend Back to the Future: Reflecting on the Past and Looking Ahead”. The theme was so fitting and really got me thinking about the past and future of Softdocs.

Lately, Softdocs has been growing a lot! Not only have we grown as a company, we’ve also expanded our offerings and are spanning territories we haven’t reached before. It is definitely an exciting time to be a part of this team! However, there is one special thing to remember about Softdocs. No matter how many new customers and employees we add or how innovative our products and solutions become, we still have the same education-focused, customer-centric team. From sales to services and development, our focus is on our customers and helping provide benefit to their institutions. In fact, without the input of schools throughout the country, Etrieve wouldn’t exist and definitely wouldn’t have grown into what is has become today!

It’s always great to get on the road and speak to both customers and prospects. And it’s a great reminder of why I do what I do! I love getting to share our solutions with you all and show schools how to do more with less.

Thanks for a great show, OrACRAO!