Softdocs Integration Capabilities: Ellucian Recruiter

Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

It’s imperative for a majority of our customers to know what Softdocs’ levels of integration are with their existing solutions. Over the next few month’s we’ll be highlighting specific examples of our integration capabilities with different systems. Today, we are focusing on Ellucian Recruiter.

Depending on the goals of the institution, we have three different methods (ranked by level of simplicity) to capture images from Recruiter.

Option 1: Configuring a Softdocs Printer
While not the most glamorous method, establishing an image printer, such as a Softdocs Printer, allows an end user the option to “print” an attachment into your Softdocs solution. This methods works and it the least expensive, but is not the preferred method due to the manual component required within the process.

Option 2: Store Images in Softdocs
Instead of filing images within Recruiter, utilize File and Launch, two of Softdocs’ additions to Etrieve Content. File can be used to file documents that are automatically indexed from an active Recruiter screen into Etrieve Content. Users are then able to leverage Launch to call up related images. With Recruiter storing images as blobs in the application’s SQL database, this option is appealing as it helps keep your Recruiter database to a manageable size.

Option 3: Auto-Export Images from Recruiter to Softdocs
Want to take it one step further? We can help write custom scripts within Recruiter that automatically transfer attached (and uploaded) documents/images into the prospective student’s electronic folder within Etrieve Content.

Auto-extracting images is, by far, the most advanced and user-friendly method. In this scenario, users attach (or upload) documents to Recruiter as they normally do. Based on a pre-determined schedule, (daily, hourly, etc.) we have CRM workflow and SQL processes in the background running to automatically extract images (generally stored as a blob in the CRM/Recruiter database) and push them to Etrieve Content.

Each of these options provide greater efficiency when leveraging the power of two products. When you’re ready to discuss specifics to your institution, contact us. We’re happy to schedule a time to talk about which method may be best for you.