Softdocs + Ellucian Recruiter = A Relationship in the Making

Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

Ever since Ellucian and Microsoft teamed up to create a customized utility for managing prospective students, we have been anxious to help build the document relationship.

As you know, when enrolling a new student, paperwork and processing takes time. None of us want to admit it, but as students we were probably all guilty of one or more of the following:

• Forgetting to fill something out.
• Filling everything out, but with errors.
• Turning in a coffee-stained, hard-to-read form.
• Misplacing a form.
• Forgetting to turn something in until you were on academic probation. Who me?

Forms often need to be edited multiple times before a problem can be resolved.

As the administrator, all of these incidents cause other tasks to be pushed back. You probably already know how Softdocs’ can alleviate the headache tied to this process.

Here’s a refresher: Doc e Fill allows students to complete electronic forms on the Web and easily re-route them to other for review. Data from e-forms can be imported or exported into Colleague and documents can be automatically archived in Doc e Scan after final approval. Doc e Fill also offers the ability to view the history of a document at any stage, improving accountability and eliminating multiple, mismatching streams of communication.

But back to our new options for Ellucian Recruiter—while the student being recruited will now just “live” within Recruiter, there are still documents related to that prospect – applications, transcripts…the list goes on. Just like how Softdocs can help manage this information for your active students, we can do the same for those in the recruitment stage within Doc e Scan, our integrated enterprise content management solution. We can even provide one-click access to these documents from a Recruiter screen.

Even more exciting, once that prospect flips to a student and is assigned an ID within Colleague itself, the appropriate documents can automatically populate a new active student folder for your financial and student records offices within Doc e Scan. Voila! Everything you need is now at your fingertips.

Do More with Softdocs and Colleague
1. Capture & file Colleague output with Doc e Scan.
2. Scan & index documents directly from Colleague and Recruiter with Auto File.
3. Process data output with Doc e Serve to create clean, customized documents.
4. Identify key data to automatically file documents with Forms Recognition.
5. Produce custom, easily-fillable forms for students & employees with Doc e Fill.
6. Track employee time sessions in real-time with EMMA.
7. Distribute customized documents by print, fax or e-mail with eDelivery.
8. Manage your institution’s open positions and job applicants with SoftApp.
9. Archive old documents, microfilm & microfiche with our Imaging Services.
10. Access scanned & captured documents directly from Colleague and Recruiter with Auto Launch.